Useless vehicle in inventory. What to do?

I have a leo 2av in my inventory that I cannot do anything with. Why does it remain in my inventory?

I got it out of a loot box and I already had it so it gave me sl. I cannot activate it and I cannot sell it. Why have it in my inventory instead of just giving me the sl and removing it?

share ss

I would give it away if i could

he meant screenshot, ss for short

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show issue lol

oh, sorry lol.

what does it do when u click modify?

It asks for an upgrade voucher. which you cant buy

contact support… you should be able to cash it in

That is the thing. It gave me sl because i already had it. It just didnt remove it from my inventory

I wish i could give it away but i know that they wont allow that.

Well, then you can either contact support to remove it, or you can keep it in your inventory for the looks.

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fair point

Is the vehicle crap?

I dont think so. it is a leo 2av

I got a response back from gaijin saying that “we dont provide that service”. I guess the coupon will just stay in my inventory forever lol

Just crew it bro, Leopard 2 generally a very good tank, it can be a good backup for Leopard 2A4, I don’t have the tank but it looks like it has more armor than the 2A4.

I cant crew it because I already have it. This is a second coupon.

Send it to me bro


Gaijin: you can’t do that bro

I think there is so much BS codes in the lootboxes, if you already own certain rare vehicles, the lootbox will try to give you what you already had which tricks you into thinking you actually won something. So much fraud.

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Exactly. I wish i could give it away. Cant use it, sell it, or even throw it away.

I have spent something close to 120 million SLs on these stupid lootboxes. I only got 1 sellable vehicles coupon for a low BR tank that I already had. That was about a year ago, so back then they were giving coupons instead of SL crap.

Next 2 lootbox events I got crap… 2 vehicles for each (so 4 total), but I already had them as well and all I got was SL trinket rewards. It’s a total sham with what they did. They always try find ways to screw you. It’s a disgrace. They are basically punishing seasoned players who support their game by doing events and paying real money on the marketplace to get these vehicles. Someone newer comes along (who didn’t do the event) and gets the vehicle from a lootbox while all I get now is some stupid SL that are not even worth my clicking. Sham WOW!!!

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