Useless anti-aircraft

Useless anti-aircraft to gaijin nerf this equipment is better to take them out of the game, I think that if the guy wants to play in planes the team should eliminate air defenses and not harm the equipment with infinite problems, Pantsir and ITO are good examples of this, the ITO missiles that look like they weigh 40 tons can’t chase a plane, while the Pantsir radar keeps changing targets randomly, preventing you from controlling the missile. So gaijin either improve these vehicles or remove them from the game.

My guy, I had a stroke trying to read this.

From what I can tell, you want AA to be taken out of the game???

I want them to work correctly and not have endless bugs.

There will ALWAYS be bugs in a video game. Can you provide more context on what you mean?

The ITO missile cannot maneuver and shoot down a plane and constantly misses the target, the Pantsir radar becomes uncontrollable if there is more than one target flown within the angle of view, so you cannot guide the missile as the radar keeps changing targets even with a target locked on radar.

for the ITO, aim AHEAD of the target, for the Pantsir, use your sights to lock onto the target you want.

Friend, I know that you have to lock the target on the Pantsir radar, but even so, it is changing targets if another plane passes within the viewing angle.

That… happens to every lock on system.

Discovering the Pantsir bug is a control override, thanks for trying to help.