Used a german vehicle in the italian tech tree and placed top 3 in a match, and gained nothing for the medal

I played a game and got first place on my team but lost, I used a german vehicle but gained no progress on the Bronze Medal of Merit

If you use german vehicles in the german tree does it count towards it?

Yeah im pretty sure it does from the research I did. I just dont understand why you cant use a german vehicle in the Italian tree to get the medal. Either its a bug or Im not using the correct vehicle (I used the Pzr III)

i had a quick look and only found a couple of mentions about the same thing you saw on reddit, theres no info in the wiki about medals unfortunately, maybe worth a bug report

How to I report a bug, ive never done one

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That’s not a bug. It doesn’t matter where you tank is from initially, as long as it’s in a nation’s tree, gains will count for this nation.

The Italian Pz.III N is an Italian tank, therefore playing it will not give you progress on the Bronze Medal of Merit. However, a victory would have given you progress on the Order of the Crown of Italy.