USA variants and their engine performance

I couldn’t see this mentioned everywhere, since everyone is complaining about hellfire performance 1st, but it seems to me that the AH64 line are underperforming in engine performance. At a minimum they seems to be greatly underpowered compared to pretty much every other helicopter in the game (as a subjective observation)

note: this is not in depth, just wikipedia. but just a start to notice something seems off.
AH1Z - General Electric T700-GE-401C 1,800 shp (1,300 kW)
AH-64A - General Electric T700-701 1,696 shp (1,265 kW)
AH-64D - General Electric T700-701C 1,890 shp (1,410 kW)

in game:
AH1Z - General Electric T700-GE-401C - 250 KGF takeoff thrust
AH-64A - General Electric T700-701 - 140 KGF takeoff thrust
AH-64D - General Electric T700-701C - 150 KGF takeoff thrust

[AH1Z wikipedia] (Bell AH-1Z Viper - Wikipedia)
[AH64 wikipedia] (Boeing AH-64 Apache - Wikipedia)

i am not sure how they are modeled, but it seems like the difference between engine power on the AH1Z and AH64’s should be closer?

Those helicopters use turboshaft engines, which are designed to turn a shaft rather than produce thrust (the thrust is essentially a byproduct).

Just because a turboshaft engine produces more shaft output power does not necessarily mean it produces more thrust. In fact you generally want a turboshaft engine to produce as little thrust as possible. If you want the engine to turn a shaft then anything going out the back as thrust is essentially wasted energy.

@Flame2512 , i dont disagree. the numbers may not be

i dont really care about the numbers. The real key here is that subjectively, the AH64 line feel sluggish and heavy. and that conceptually makes little sense.