New US SPAA Systems?

New timer, been playing the game a long time and just haven’t really engaged with the community >:^)

I am curious about any potential US SPAA that can be added that can rival the Panstir S1, The Panstir S1 is an amazing SPAA and the ADATS simply doesn’t get the job done anywhere as effectively as the Panstir S1 can. As a result, I began wondering if anyone knows of any system the US has that can compete that could be added.

Similar concern about Germany SPAA, the Flakbus is solid but the vehicle is around the same size as the Panstir S1 but far less bells and whistles. I’d love to see suggestions for that Tech Tree as well!


One suggestion for the Germans was an UAE Pantsir on a MAN truck
Another for the US is a captured Libyan Pantsir

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no need for new SPAA

MMEV would of been my suggestion. I don’t know if they ever went into production though.

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Why not? please explain further. :)

I dont like more spaa, i want to bomb with my su25k thanks


I looked it up and it seems like just another basic ADATS but on the Striker Chassis, I was thinking of something on a whole new machine!

maybe the HUMVIE car with the stingers on top of it, that is acceptable

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If it was something like pantsir at 11.7, it would not affect the performance of your 9.7 plane, while as a humwee with stingers will definetly affect your su-25k spam as stingers are 9.7spaa


Fun gimmick vehicle. Would also be able to shoot down hostile missiles/bombs.

Hemtt a3 centurion


usless vs planes at mid to high alt and even fast planes at low alt, you have better chanse with the stingers, also is big as a mouse and u can see it from the orbit easy to bomb

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It doesn’t need to be useful against planes at medium to high altitude, it just needs to do its job. Its a cram, it counters hostile weapons. It would also be useful against fast planes at low alt. I would be able to shoot your high altitude bomb down before it reached me.

It would introduce more different playstyle too.


I just spam small rockets, that thing does not have enough bullets for them, the burnrate of the bullets per hit probably is imense

Have small rockets to spam means you won’t be able to take out tanks. Taking a loadout like that just to kill one specific spaa is realistic only in 1v1’s lol. Unless if you actually want to spam small rockets and half of the time be upset that you’re going to face stingers instead of a cram. And in situations where the team already has stingers, cram would be a very useful additional tool.

It has not place in the game yet, as it’s be too overpowered, but the German IRIS-T RS air Defence system would be one for Germany, and I guess in the same light, something similar to Patriot for America too.

u can customize the loadout to x6 s5k rocket pods and x2 500kg bombs, u do the math

And you can get taken out by a stinger since you need to get close and personal now.

nah stingers are shite

No wonder you want more stinger vehicles added then lol

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