USA Bluewater TT is the worst! (At least at the beginning of Rank 1)

Ok, so, the USS Litchfield. Very slow reload, average crew count, slow velocity, and no AA.
Why??? Gaijin, can you just please replace it with something else? Then there’s the USS Barker. It’s like the same ship except with a single 20mm that is pretty much useless. The Litchfield and Barker are supposed to perform anti-submarine warfare. Guess what? Subs aren’t in the game! Here’s the worst part. New players can and will get confused with “rp” and “sl”. The game sets your research on the Barker first instead of the Aylwin. When I first started the game I was researching the Barker instead of a destroyer that can fight other destroyers. And why do both the Aylwin and Barker cost 4000 rp and 2100sl? I know that’s nothing, but it is very hard to kill a ship in naval. Air and ground have vehicles that cost 2,900rp and 700sl, so why does naval not have it??? Still, it’s better than something like the HMS Churchill with one gun that can barely do anything.

The Clemsons aren´t that bad. Being the most prolific US destroyer of the era it´s just fine to start the tech-tree with. My humble opinion.

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The litchfield is on par with other reserve destroyers, 3-4 guns, no survivability, sub par torpedoes. They can fight coastal vessels that they will smash, and they will get smashed by any larger destroyers, this is generally how naval goes.


This is how it always has worked, it auto sets it to research the next vehicle horizontally then vertically

Depends on the ship, you should have no trouble killing the other reserve destroyers, and killing coastal vehicles should be trivial.

Just hang in wit the US naval tree, it is by far the best naval tree in the game, when you start getting to the Gearing,Sumner, Somers and Porter class destroeyers you will begin to take over games. The cruisers are extremely powerful too, with the 8" gun cruisers being 0.3br lower than their contempraries in other nations, and the 12x 6" gun Cleveland and Fargo and 15x 6" gun Helena and Brooklyn also being able to take over games. The Omaha’s are not great cruisers, but often fight destroyers so can perform well, and the Atlanta is super fun to play because of the sheer gun count, 14x 5" guns on a broadside means you can beat any destroyer easily, and can definitely inflict a lot of damage to the larger cruisers. The Baltimore class are very stong, and when USS Salem is added (most likely as a TT vehicle) it will be just as good as the premium Des Moines and event Newport news, which can easily take over games. Ther battleships i have heard mixed things about, but in general at top teir naval what matters is connecting as many AP shells as possible, and whoever can do that the fastest generally wins despite small differences in capability. So shoot first, accurately and you will prevail.

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The Aylwin is not at rank 2. Plus, I’m not whining, I’m just saying that it’s painful play against other ships, it has no defense against destroyers and mtbs, and the torps are average. You do have a good point, and I respect that, but a good candidate for a US reserve ship would be the USS Farragut.

I’m a good air player and the highest I scored was 11. The highest I’ve scored in naval was 6.

Ahem, the Mutsuki has amazing torpedoes, not to mention that other reserves have much better reload rates than the Clemson.

I agree here, rank 2 and 3 have the best Destroyers in the game, it’s just kinda painful to try and claw my way up there as I’m not allowed to spend money on the game or play for hours on end.

Hahaha, the OP hasn’t heard of the HMS Churchill yet lol

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Oh, my bad, sorry, cannot read

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.

I have heard of the Churchill.

No, that’s my bad man, I said that for myself, I only skimmed thru the post.
Edit: still, I see where you’re coming from, it is a bad DD but if you’re willing to pain through it it pays off rather substantially

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Yep, the Clemsons are painful. I would say that it would be fine if we would have just one but two is just excesive and pointless (same applies to Omaha).
The second one should have been one of the Clemsons with 5inch (USS Hatfield DD-231) or twin 4inch (USS Hovey DD-208) guns. These would be interesting and could be good bridge and backup to the Farragut.

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I was talking about BR, which determines what ships you see. With Litch and Barker (3.3) in lineup you gonna see minimal of 2.3 and maximal of 4.3 ships, but with Lithc and Aylwin you gonna meet 3.0-5.0 since the hisghest BR determines who you are fighting with


Air arcade I assume, fair but that mode I didnt consider :b when you will get used to the mode, you will get more kills on average than 6, if you have problems killing a guy try shooting different parts of the ship instead of one repeatedly, hope that helps

aylwin is farragut class ship. As already said, clemsons arent that bad as you are saying, you are going to meet a lot of mtb which are one shot for you and subchaser/frigates that also have no chance of defeating you. No AA or small amount of it can be painful but that is the price of being 3.3, with decent AA it would go to 3.7

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Nice attitude.

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Thank you.

The point of reserve ships is to learn the mechanics of blue water naval. You aren’t supposed to spend much time there, as you should be able to research the next ships after a handful of matches. Therefore, there is little point in rebalancing or replacing reserve ships.

As others have mentioned the British Churchill makes the Litchfield look like a Scharnhorst by comparison.

Keep climbing the tree, and you will soon reach the 4.7 destroyers which are some of the best of their BR. Then you get the Atlanta at 5.3 which slings shells downrange like crazy. When you hit 6.0 you get the Cleveland and Brooklyn which are basically harder hitting Atlantas. I highly recommend the Helena as well for an awesome 6.0 lineup.

4.7 to 6.0 is the sweet spot for the U.S. blue water line. After that, it gets a little disappointing as you get much longer reloads and your battlecruiser/battleships seem to be made of ammo racks. It’s not that they aren’t good, but the Scharnhorst and Kronshtadt are just so much better.