US Me-262

I think US should get the Me-262, what do you guys think?
Messerschmitt Me 262A Schwalbe > National Museum of the US Air Force ...


Meh. I don’t know how I feel about it. US has plenty of good early jets, doesn’t need another nations in my opinion. Maybe, just maybe as an event vehicle or maybe a BP vehicle.


They don’t need one. They already have much better jets in the tree, and it doesn’t add anything new to war thunder. It just adds more copy and paste.


No 😂


Why limit yourself, let’s just copy all the vehicles and give everyone a tree, proposals like this me262 are yhm…

  1. They don’t need it

  2. They really don’t need it

  3. There are a bunch of “German” tech they could get, like when NASA built the P.1101

  4. Germany should get all of their possible version and missing aircraft before anyone else gets it

Imagine getting ratioed on a forum XD


btw please change the tags as this is not related to the dev server

Or MiG-21 :)


would be funny alongside the Soviet F-5A acquired from Vietnam, but in all seriousness I am against captured premiums especially for the jet tiers, glad Gaijin stopped adding them altogether


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I know a lot of people has said it already about that idea of the U.S Getting the Me-262 But I’ll voice my reason. No. Just flat-out no.

The reason which were already highlighted by Zyranovos on why they don’t need it.
And I’ll throw in mine on why I think it shouldn’t as well.
1: There are other better options for America to suggest then the Me-262
2: The Me-262 is known for overheating in Air RB so it will be awful to use out-right.
3: There are better vehicles to choose from in the U.S. Tech-tree, rather it be a Premium or a researchable vehicle
& finally 4: Even if it is put as a Premium, it will most likely be over-shadow by the other Premiums so it will be nothing more but a waste of time & money to add for the U.S. In my opinion.

Also just out of curiosity. Why do you think it should go to the U.S? Cause I want to know your answer on it. @Maverick5I50

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262s are awful and half of them are overtiered.

Hard pass.

262s are horrible fighters lol, they belong more at 6.7 than 7.0. Hard no.

No but it’d be cool if the US got a
King Tiger
G.91 R/3 and R/1
MiG-29s (purchased 11 from Moldova IIRC)
Captured T-55
Captured T-80?90? Whichever one we saw in Bama on it’s way Back from Ukraine
Leo 2AV

And I’m sure there’s more but. Hey! These would be fun, especially since the US has operated them (whether for trials or experiments or exercises etc.), and that’s the bar standard now

I fully support this idea - it is basically the only way to bring the BR of the 7.0 version down to a realistic level.

See above.

I mean the only 2 allied 1944 jets (Meteor F.3 & YP-80A) were inferior - and the USSR had neither the necessary engines or aerodynamic know-how to built a jet.

So it boils down that either the BRs of 262s are too high - or every other post war jet is way too low with it’s BR. A US premium 262 would lower the BR very fast to 6.3…

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You make a good point, hadn’t considered that. Gotta change my vote to a “yes” now haha

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That would be much better

No, personally I think that we should combine all 10 tech trees into one, so that every tree is completely balanced since they’re all in one. Gaijin we absolutely need this as it will stop people complaining about overpowered vehicles in tech trees they don’t play ie: Messerschmitt 262s as everyone knows this is the pinnacle of early jets and is the strongest and most overpowered aircraft in game BR for BR.

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The US tree should get more foreign vehicles, no matter how bad they might be. An ME262 and Ho229 would be interesting additions.