URO Vamtac (RAPIDRanger MMS): The Indonesia ForceShield

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The ForceShield Program

At 2014, Thales won a contract worth at least £100 million in Indonesia to strength Indonesian air defense capability.

The contract including not only RAPIDRange MMS and StarStreak short-range air defence missiles, but also ControlMaster200 radar, weapon coordination systems and lightweight multiple launchers for the StarStreak as well as associated communications, training and support equipment.

Delivery started from the end of 2014 and was completely before 2022 (the specific date remains unknown).



RAPIDRanger is a rapid response system capable of firing multiple missiles and can be mounted on both wheeled and tracked vehicles. It is lightweight, remotely controlled and highly-automated.

The system is designed to defeat not only air threats like UAVs, jets and helicopters, but also capable of defeating light vehicles like APCs. It is capable of firing STARStreak Anti-Air Missile and the LMM Martlet missiles, which has a shaped charge warhead and proximity fuze for both air and land threats.

The addition of an integral 360° surveillance sensor provides the RAPIDRanger with completely autonomous system operation for 24/7 force protection.

RAPIDRanger can also be integrated into a network-enabled force structure and can be coordinated with early warning Command and Control system, tracking a number of prioritised targets.



The URO VAMTAC is a 4x4 light vehicle made by Spanish company URO. It was first enter in service at 1998 as a replacement of Land Rover. A total of 1,200 units were delivered to Spanish army and more were produced for other countries.

It is a multi role platform capable of firing various of weapons. Indonesia ordered 40 of them and at least 12 of them were modified as anti-air version (and at least 4 of them are using RAPIDRanger MMS).

URO Vamtac (RAPIDRanger MMS) in Indonesia

The Indonesia ordered at least four URO Vamtac (RAPIDRanger MMS) at 2014 to strength their anti-air capability.


  • Mobility
  1. Steyr turbocharged diesel able to produce at most 245 HP.

  2. Power to weight ratio: 21.6 HP/t

  3. Auto Gearbox, 5-6 Fwd +1 Rev


  1. No protection against anything larger than NATO 7.62mm AP ammo.

  2. A total of 4 crews.


  1. Able to fire STARStreak and LMM Martlet.

  2. LMM Martlet has shaped charge warheads but the penetration is classified. It also has proximity fuze and extra HE warheads. It can travel at least 1.7 Mach and has an effective range for at least 6km.

  3. Elevation: -10° to +60°, 60°/S

  4. An integral 360° surveillance sensor - either a passive Infra Red Search and Track (IRST) or integrated Surveillance and Track Radar

  5. Thermal for 24/7


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