Urgent Improvements Needed for Combat Matchmaking in Gaijin Games

Dear Gaijin Team,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the constant changes to combat matchmaking in your games. It is disheartening to see how frequently and haphazardly these adjustments are made. I firmly believe that it is time to implement a revamped system to enhance the player experience and ensure greater balance and realism in battles.

In my opinion, it would be highly beneficial to categorize battles into three main periods: World War II, the Cold War, and modern tank warfare. This would ensure that players are no longer confronted with historically inaccurate matchups, such as a Jagdtiger facing off against a BTR-80.

Furthermore, I suggest limiting the number of available vehicle classes in each battle to create a more balanced gaming experience. For instance, in a battle, only 2 heavy tanks, 3 medium tanks, 2 light tanks, 1 anti-aircraft vehicle, and 2 tank destroyers/rocket tanks could be allowed.

Additionally, the customization of tanks should undergo a complete overhaul. Removing camouflage like bushes and introducing so-called tools that apply predetermined camouflage to the tanks would be a welcome improvement. These tools could include realistic camouflages like green camouflage nets with pine branches woven in or shadow camouflage for forest environments, as well as brown camouflage nets with shadow camouflage for desert settings. It is essential to keep the optics of the tanks free, mirroring the realism found in actual tanks.

As an additional feature, integrating authentic sights with real magnifications and reticle patterns could further enhance the authenticity of the gameplay.

I am confident that these changes would significantly improve the player experience in your games and could contribute to increased player satisfaction. Please consider my suggestions and advocate for a more realistic and balanced gaming environment.

I look forward to your response and hope for positive changes in your games.

And if you can’t do that, then calling you a game developer is an insult!



Suggesting historical matchmaking pretty much ends your entire post. hisorical matchmaking is a terrible idea that would be exttremely unbalanced, and would kill parts of the game. Then further limiting the class of vehicles that could be played would first of all cause problems for nations that do no have specific vehicles at certain br’s but also removes player choice, which is a negative thing. But, heres a choice for you. I’ll agree to support historical matchmaking, if you are only allowed to use the PBV 301, and i am only allowed to use the T-62. both vehicles in service from 1961, so balanced in your opinion


you’re aware that you were writing in the GERMAN speaking section !

either write GERMAN(!) or move to the right section to proper attendion or disapprovement

and by the way your whining about proper matchmaking or removing bushes is so old that it stinks already
and so often rewritten by … that it is merely ignored by most people only some loud crying people who cry loud about everything they can not go along or understand will answer you


Wrong section. This is german only. Please repost in the correct one.