Ok so i have tried to avoid brs like 3.0, 3.7 and 5.7 because they are almost constant full uptiers and my tiger and kv1 are highly allergic to them. So i have been playing 2.7 grb with the t-50 and i don’t ever remember getting a full uptier, only partial uptiers or downtiers. Are there any other low tier brs that aren’t uptier hell?

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I would assume it comes down to more players in lower tiers and to differnt kinds of vehicles used by different nations.
I think 2.3 , 3.7, 4.7 and 5.3 dont get uptiered as much in my experience

Those BRs in which you get sucked into when uptiered ;-)


Damn my estimation was almost on point. I gotta chill down with War Thunder

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