Uptiers should only happen when you have spaded a vehicle

Today hasnt been the best in terms of balanced gameplay, i’ve never had a single game where its a balanced BR as brits… Always uptiered… To balance the game i reckon uptiering should only occur when a vehicle gets spaded or at least a minimum of 8 mods have been researched and bought… But to counter the whole “dont research/spade thing to not get uptiered” make it so you get more SL/RP rewards per modification… Like say a br 1 vehicle gets 30% rewards stock, each modification grants a 2% increase and it has 10 research mods increasing rewards from 30% to 50%… But at the chance of uptiers by 1 BR. Because lets face it the economy/bias is still a joke not getting fixed.


People would just as soon not purchase the mods and never get up tiered. If this was going to be implemented then they would have to make it so that “researched” mods are counted and not purchased mods


I agree with this.

The workload alone makes this a no go. Nations used by the players are of no concern either really. Just to the MM’er for RB & Sim games. Instead of disallowing unspaded vehicles from an uptier(as mentioned, players would easily keep everything from being spaded, so . . . yeah . . nah) it might be better to lower vehicles BR until they are spaded, but again, it would be mandatory for the modifications to be acquired for all vehicles anyway. While your intent sounds good, just not practical for the way the game is set up and how the matchmaker works. I have been playing for over 10 years and the terms “uptier/downtier” were never even used for the first 5 - 6 years. It wasn’t an issue at all. Well, nothing like the angst we see about it now anyway. Granted there were a LOT less vehicles, less tiers and BRs to deal with, but . . . your 2 basic options are still the same. If you see a vehicle that is stronger than yours you can a) Go full ham on it and hope for the best or b) Run away . .
(“He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day” - Bugs Bunny) . . . you get the idea.
Short of a complete overhaul of the BR’s of ALL vehicles(like adding a 0.5 BR to the 3 step BR range we use now) and changing the MM’er’s requirements of a 1.0 +/- to a 0.75 BR spread, (which would be a massive undertaking, but also bring much lamented decompression) we just have to learn to deal with the vehicles we are given to face each game. The number of players that just leave games because they see ONE vehicle with a higher BR than theirs is just crazy. Quitters never win & winners never quit . .
You can add your own worn cliche’s if you like.

quitters never win and winners never quit . Bro it’s just a game . Nobody cares if they ruin your game or not

Bro your lvl 4 and joined 4 days ago why are you even commenting on this.

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because I can . Public post , public replies . What’s even the point of your reply to mine ?

you have no input here at that level of inexperience

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Make it automatic - but even then people would not buy talismans to slow down the grind - and can you see Gaijin giving up those GE’s??

No I can’t either…

Yes I do , everyone has . It’s a public forum no ? I can’t voice my opinion , just because I’m level 4 ?

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Yes its a public form but your input is invalid due to the fact you have nothing but reserve vehicles and don’t know what goes on in the higher tiers.

Bruh , I have 2 accounts . But based on how you reply to this account because of low level , show the community toxicity . Shame . Have a good one everybody

You can do whatever you want, but it’s clear you lack knowledge and it devalues your opinion

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Way to out yourself for breaching T&C’s dude!!

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If not no uptiers till spaded, I do think you should get X number of games after purchasing a vehicle where you cant get uptiered. Maybe the first 5 matches. Give you at least a chance to get a feel for the vehicle first. After that, id just like critical mods moved a little lower.

I play on both accounts wtf .

It’s pretty simple - you are not allowed to have multiple accounts, whether you “play them both” or not!

Gaijin’s terms of service Rule 3.4: (Nutzungsbedingungen Von Gaijin)

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I didn’t - I was pointing out your mistake… but since you want me to - done!

I can’t stop you from doing anything . But that just proves my point .