Uptiers in war thunder and why they need to be removed in grb

As we all know this game is based on a battle rating system that uses certain factors to determine a tank,airplanes, and or boats battle rating. For instance reason would dictate a ww2 tank would be around a mid range of 4.3 to 6.7 at best and honestly maybe even 6.7 would be to high for a ww2 tank then obviously we have modern MBTs which would deserve top tier the highest battle rating available 12.7

Now with all that being said, does anyone know the difference between a 1970s tank vs a 1950s tank? Obviously gaijin does not. The hardest crossovers ranges in tanks are from 6.7 to 7.7 and 7.3 to 8.3 and 7.7 to 8.7 those ranges of uptiers should be entirely elimated from the game and we would might have to wait 30 seconds on average higher in the que to get a battle.

It stands to reason thiers no way in hell a t95e1 should be fighting a IS3 lol or how about a t55am vs an American M47…do you see how this does not make sense? Now gaijin says for balence it will only uptier a maximum of 4 players into the next rank on each team which equals 8 players total out of 32 not including the .4 higher battle rating tanks in the same rank so for instance 7.3 will have 7.7 in the same rank for the most part and this does not count into match as an uptier even though. You could be the only person in the entire game with a 7.3 tank or 7.0

So logic would stand to reason these tanks with higher battle ratings are placed there…why? Because of tons of factors, armor,mobility, firepower, reload, and era of the tanks. So why on gods green earth should a strv 103 with a 4 second reload an amazing round weather its on the 103-0 or the 103c be fighting a t32 ffs. This is where the problem lyes in which they add these vehicles which are impossible to balence and in doing so causes all sorts or BR issues and pure misery to thousands of players on a daily basis.

Myself i am a above average player according to war thunder stats last time i checked, with that being said i know what i am doing and i know this game inside and out and as an above average player i just literally was playing russia 7.3 and 7.0 and fought an entire enemy team of nothing but 8.3 tanks and 8.0 and 7.7 frontally i could barelt pen a single tank the best i had was an is3 with a freaking 16 second reload playing on berlin, i didnt get a single kill all i got was 1 assist and 4 deaths and literally i took multiple well aimed shots and because of the difference in armor i was literally helpless to flank around or pen from the front and today was my breaking point. Playing like that is not fun nor enjoyable where your tanks dont stand a snowball chance in hell in actually frontally penning a tank if that can happen with what your playing. Im not sayjng that should happen every time but im saying if i make a well placed shot i should be able to pen the tank im shooting at my respective battle rating, but because of the massive difference in armor and era of tanks even a well placed shot in the front did nothing and the clowns here will say as followed

*skill issue
*aim for the breach

  • aim for the barell
    Go ahead and say those things and play me 1 v 1…enough said about that.

How hard is it to get the matches properly balenced in the air and on the ground. Why is this so damn hard? Why for years does gaijin fail to actually fully satisfy the player base with a fair and balenced game this literally is not hard what so ever. Its paintfully obviously what tanks should play what tanks. I think my 5 year old would know a ww2 tank dosent belong fighting some 1970s ATGM slinger.

Im done ranting now, feel free to talk crap and blame me for the problem and i know its def a skill issue right? Because i forgot skill can stop Heat FS in your tiger 2 lol…get freaking real

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u might be a bit special, but there will always be up tiers, there cant always be downtiers and only specific brs is not possible either, because not every nation has vehicles to a specific br

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Uptier constitutes a higher rank, i want the maximum the uptier .7 higher not 1.0 i should of included this sometimes in the past i have gotten a full 1.3 match and literally going how is this possible but it is in this game. I understand downtiers arent the answer the answer is simlle rank 6 shouldnt play 7 and so on and so forth

then change your title, your title calls for the total removal

its not possible, you misjudged the br of a vehicle, or are playing arcade where the br of the line up gets put into the average

not possible, there is literaly some rank 6 vehicles with the same br as rank 7 vehicles, why? because one of the things is that gajin decided to have 3 vehicles per rank only (excluding foldered ones)
or because super props dont fit into the theme of cold war era jets

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One might even think, that being able to pick your opponents and being able to get into the right fights while avoiding ones that you probably won’t win is part of the game :o

Might it even be, that this is… a skill issue?
That you just need to…