Uptiered against missiels

Four of my last five games in my Israeli A-4H were uptiers where I got absolutely wrecked by missile slinging planes. I see them line up the shot and I’ve tried banking hard as I can to no avail and I can’t outrun them either. No matter what I do I’m screwed. The Swedish RB24 seems to be the most difficult for me to deal with. How am I supposed to counter this if I have no flares and almost all of the planes I am up against have better flight characteristics?

How to dodge the rb24: move your mouse slightly.


Oh no…If I only I had thought of that

What I wanted to say was rb24s aren’t hard to dodge.

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Every time I try to “move my mouse slightly” I get a missile to the face. The aim 9b’s are easier but the J29 and J34 with the RB24, turning almost never works in my experience.

They are the same missile.


Then why does turning not work for the rb24?

Turning does work.


No it doesn’t

RB24 is just a license built aim 9b, the stats should all be the same
If you’re able to avoid them from one nation but not the other, it might just be that nation having a more skilled playerbase

Swedish aircrafts aren’t exactly the best in high and top tier (Gripen being an exception) so it’s more likely that the players actually playing them, have spent a bit more time figuring out the best approach compared to some other nations that just relies on having a superior aircraft

I use the J35A to research Swedish air and it’s just constant uptier to 10.7 which means my missiles are pretty much useless and i also don’t get any flares while facing missiles that can either hit me from the front or snipe me
Because of that, i tend to rely more on stealth and avoiding some fights completely even if i think i have the advantage in some cases
Usually rely more on my cannons rather than the missiles because of this unless i’ve caught someone unaware

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Assuming you are comparing it to the aim9b one slower planes. The faster the plane is when firing, the better the missile will do.

Try doing wide barrel rolls.

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You are at 8.3. Yes, the strongest missile you could possibly ever face is an R-60, however the only aircraft carrying it has the flight model of a container ship and is very rare to encounter. 90% of all missiles you will see are AIM-9B and its copypastes: PL-2, R-3S, RB24. You can manage to dodge these going 650kph minimum with most aircraft just by simply turning. Theyre fairly common around the BR and dodging is basically a required skill.