Uptier protection, uptier compensation, anything

If you refuse to decompress the BRs, give us compensation for wasting our time and our money on things that will permanently be outclassed.

It’s absurd that you put players in games that are 80% uptiers, especially since I paid money for some hunk of garbage at 9.3 I just never get to enjoy.


Limit the amount of uptiers people can be in, compensate people for being screwed over all the time or just refund me the vehicle at this point as it’s just pointless to play it.

Endlessly just milking these 10 and 10.3 premiums but no consideration for balance, prime example is the latest event that brings a new vehicle to the most popular nation at the most populated BR and the most stacked lineup, you literally could not have picked anything worse, which is very typical of how Gaijin does things, the ol’ throw a dart at a board and do whatever it lands on even if it makes no sense.

The very least you can do is offer increased rewards to make it worthwhile for people as I’m sick and tired of endless uphill battles and nothing to show for it just so the Snail can milk more money out of the game.

RP is bad enough as it is, ground economy is still pulling the short straw where you could wipe the entire enemy team and still get less rewards than a pilot just AFK climbing all game thanks to an RP cap that was snuck back into the game.

Instead what we got was decreased rewards for the very few times we’re actually not uptiered when we kill something lower than us, because somehow that’s our fault we’re matched against it.

Absolutely ridiculous.



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Ah yes, the ’ I don’t play it but I’m going to argue against it anyways’ comment.

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Giving an extra 10% rewards for a parital uptier (0.7) and 20% for a full uptier (1.0) would be a great change.

Or buffing rewards for killing vehicles that are at a higher BR than you are would work well.


Gaijin would never agree to actually make the game fun or rewarding for players.

But I agree there should be additional rewrds

Playing AMX -30 super against TURMS in small maps 95percent of the times and I admitted i had no fk chance

They did the opposite so overall just lower rewards but then didn’t do the reasonable thing by making a higher BR kill more rewarding despite whatever pitiful bit of SL you might get for a ‘rank does not matter’ award.

What does that table exactly show and where does the data come from?

Since most players in a match are uptiered, this would in effect translate to a global increase of rewards by 10% or more across the board, for the entire game. At that point you might as well go all the way with just a flat reward increase…

They will not tinker with their economy on this scale to make people feel better about uptiers.

The frequency of uptiers starting from 0.0 at the bottom to 1.0 at the top.
So at 10.7 and 11.0 you almost are never uptiered a full BR for obvious reasons.

At 9.3 you are uptiered 60% of the time to 10.3 and another 20% to 10.0… only 20% of the time do you get to play at 9.3 or 9.7.

Data pulled from a 100,000 server replays.

I fully get uptiers can happen, but there are points where it happens way too much where it’s pointless to even play, you’re constantly outclassed and having to go above and beyond your vehicles capabilities to do well, and by the end you have nothing to show for it.
At this point I’d rather just leave every single game that is an uptier and play the 20% of games that are actually worth playing where I likely get better rewards for less effort.

We could easily get 10% more rewards anyways as the RP is absolute trash on top of being capped.

But knowing Gaijin they’ll need to run the numbers for 2 years to determine what 10% increase does to the game.

Can I have a link to the full table, by the way? I’d like to take a look at the other BRs too


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