Upgrade Grind After Vehicle Grind

Haven’t posted here in a great many years but today unlocked my first end-game jet - the F-16AJ.

I am combat ineffective. I do not have countermeasures, I cannot evade enemy missiles, I do not posses equally combat-effective missiles. I have missiles from BR 8.7, at BR 12.0. I find this genuinely offensive and want to understand how this is acceptable? After 400,000RP worth of my time to unlock this plane, I’m faced with another 233,000 RP of research to become a capable BR 12.0 aircraft.

This isn’t so much a reactionary response to this isolated disrespect, rather reaching a snapping point. This has been felt throughout progression for years. But today, I reached a modern fighter jet… and got a huge middle finger from Gaijin. Why are all vehicle modifications a grind to make the vehicle combat effective? Why aren’t they small boosts, like they used to be? Slightly faster. Slightly stronger. Not handicapped until spaded. It’s an insult to the players time, I sincerely want an official comment on their justification for it.

Modifications used to be a boost, they were “upgrades” on your aircraft. Today they are a pre-requisite to become capable for the BR they are listed at. I find is wholly disrespectful of the players time to give them a pile of garbage after playing to unlock their vehicle for so long. Imagine buying it through free RP conversion, to be faced with this. This goes for all vehicles. When you unlock a vehicle, it should be usable immediately, not a painful process of unlocking modifications to make it effective. We are currently punished after unlocking a new vehicle. Why? I would genuinely like to understand exactly how the current system is justified, through an official comment from Gaijin.

Basic functions should come with your vehicle. And specifically in this scenario at this BR to have only rear-aspect missiles with no countermeasures is insulting to the player. You are expected to fumble around unable to pose a genuine threat to others, hoping for a lucky kill. Why can’t we have countermeasures and equal armament immediately? How is it fair to have fair combat locked behind a multi-week grind of suffering? Whilst this specific scenario is used as example, it’s the whole mentality. The ethos. Our time is worth so little to Gaijin, it seems, that we are expected to suffer after unlocking a vehicle, rather than rewarded through small upgrades.

Why can’t upgrades just be… rewards. You’re mastering this plane/tank, here’s a 5% boost to engine performance. Here’s a 5% boost to structural integrity. Not rebuilding the damn vehicle to be capable at its BR.

I do not know where else to leave feedback for this game as in-game moderators did not respond and I couldn’t not find a feedback section. I just want my feedback to be genuinely acknowledged, save starting a rage-fueled movement to achieve that. Why must the current system be disrespectful of the players time and enjoyment?

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