Updated War Thunder forum

over 440 replies and the topic isnt even a day old. I would argue its clear that this idea was terrible and should be reverted ASAP.

If you say “Constructive criticism is welcome”, please also act on that critism.


If they’re not going to revert it, then at the very least they must import all of the content from the old forum

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Could not post on the old (aka better) forum but on this one I can. Go figure.

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yeah the old forum is in read only cause otherwise nobody would use this new garbage

I understand that too old of a design always in need of change. But introducing a new thing is not what you do in a finger snap, it’s a long process - getting accustomed to how things work in new design. I understand that old forum was some kind of template and now you made your own thing (probably). But at least make a guide or something. Like all parts of forum that was important for me are gone, vaporized, I can’t find a single thing except for this complain sheet. I like the design, but for now I feel nothing but dusgist using it and the problem here is not a bad design, but a rude, unfriendly introduction. Please make a video or something, untill then - not gonna use it, I have other things to learn and worry about.

Please give us a feedback topic for this update and general feedback. We have no way to give our opinions on the most recent changes now.

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Can you please change the TL for editing stuff? It’s awful that you have to be TL2 for this

@Stona_WT will battle count / squadron / beta badges (see below) be visible in the new forum?


You are missing the point folks, it’s the Great Reset…a lot of old folk will be returning to the forums, a lot flight SIM knowledge and experience and good ideas will gradually return as the news of the Great Reset spreads. This is a good thing.

Revert this. This “new Forum” is just horrible and no one asked for this.

Very bad

Please don’t do this. This new forum is just not good.

Sorry, but this horrible, this is change just for the sake of change, with no valid value.

Around 450 negativ comments abiut the new (“Forum”) aka messenger…

@Stona_WT What does someone do if they had an unresolved issued sent to multiple game masters? I have a friend who has an ongoing issue and hasn’t gotten a response and now it seems they will have to send a whole new set of messages to get it fixed.


Wait, so all ongoing discussions from the previous Forum are now closed?!
Brilliant idea…

Yep, thats the best idea they ever had

Jesus, just… why? There were ongoing threads I have been following for years…

There was nothing wrong with the old forum, why change it if it worked just fine and in the process you also destroy years of continuous discussions.

There is genuinely 0 benefit from this, just damage…


The backend is probably 1000x better than old forum but its really not user friendly on front end.

And what the heck are these trust levels? Why in the hell would you prevent users from using official forum? Old forum had rule that you need to be active in game to post, which was already perfect gate against trolls and flammers. Why to add another level(s) of restrictions…


Yes, all the work on bug reports and proposals for military equipment was in vain, including mine. All this will be deleted after 2 years

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where is our classic confuse emoji? o_O

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