Updated naval damage, and its awful concequences

ill admit that im making this while im a bit heated but, hear me out.

i dont know what bright mind over at gaijin decided that basically reverting the damage in naval to how it used to be without fixing the glaring issues first would be a good idea but, i suggest reverting the change. heres why:

considering next to nothing has been done about the problems we had back then, we now once again have battleships getting ammoracked by light cruiser HE, and cruisers cant even leave spawn before getting cross mapped by some battleship player and immediately exploding because of said changes. the spawns are not nearly good enough for players to have the ability to reliably one shot other people and god forbid youre not on premium time. tell me, how fun does it sound to spawn in with your 40k SL repair battleship, not having premium, and then just getting atomized by some Ai fired HE secondary?

either fix this mess or just revert it. almost everyone i asked absolutely hate the change, id love to hear more opinions from others i dont find in a battle.

good luck boys


wish that i could oneshot battleships with he not happening for me in my chapayev/krasny krym/kavkaz

aim at waterline, spam he, profit
that was a fast reply btw, god damn

i aim at waterline and i do like 0 dmg every time to anything maybe skill issue idk naval seems kinda borked

naval being borked yes, though i doubt its on you. as i said it just happens at random, which somehow makes it even more frustrating

the worst thing is what this whole thing means for cruisers. they get to enjoy getting obliterated seconds after spawning in because naval spawns are absolutely awful. before this update they could often get away with it because hits wouldnt damage them as much but from what i can tell they just get killed now before theyre even able to make a turn. often by salvos that im pretty sure werent even meant for them

maybe the soviet he are just bad and they do not do the same like others he idk

I’d like to thank whoever made this change. This is how it happened - big ships breached smaller ships. That’s what they were designed to do.

It’s the same with tanks, heavy and super heavy units were designed to take damage and destroy lesser armored units without taking significant or stopping damage.

Everyone wants “balance” and I’m sick and tired of it. Get into a big ship if you don’t like it or learn to be more effective in a lighter ship…

Balance has become the death of all games and it’s definitely the death of fun.


so your opinion is that its good for the game to not have the ability to leave your spawn unless youre playing something dumb like a scharnhorst?
dont even try to give me a “just get better”
you have no control over where you spawn and who is shooting you, let alone if gaijin will bless you with the magic ammorack or not

My opinion is that in ten years of this game there’s been plenty of times I never left spawn in naval, and armor. There’s been plenty of times I was destroyed on the airfield repairing and rearming.

There’s also plenty of games that have protection for people who want that. It’s frustrating to be destroyed like that; however, it’s more frustrating when the game is made to accommodate people who don’t like to be challenged…

What the community needs to adopt is vote for forfeit or pay to forfeit when you have reinforcements and no way to win. Making the game softer otherwise is just garbage.

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You absolutely control where you spawn…

my guy, you cant adapt to getting rng’d as soon as you spawn in because there is no cover anywhere and nowhere to go because your teammates are body blocking you. this doesnt even just apply to battlehips shooting something smaller, this is battleship on battleship as well

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ah i see… hang on lemme get something

Eh, heavy fleet spawns are quite limited on some maps, and most of the time you’re being fired at immediately. There needs to be a tad more space between spawns, but no more than 15-20km away for normal games.


The point is a lot of people planned to have an easy coupon event by dragging out their top tier battleship and have an easy time of it bonking cruisers for a little bit each night and now they can’t.

Gaijin’s altered the deal on them. Maybe they’ll alter it back, maybe they won’t. But this is the unrecognized problem with the new continuous events. They had to rush to stuff the new update into the three day period they get every three weeks between them, as opposed to what they would have done a year ago and just delayed the update a week to polish it. We’re going to see more of this.

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That is a fair answer.


tell me, where is the second heavy spawn? its very possible that ive lost the ability to count past 1 but i dont think so this time

this isnt unique to this map. the only gameplay you get here now is spawning in, doing a quick prayer to whatever god you believe in, asking that gaijin doesnt doom your ammorack, and then maybe get a few hits in before exploding anyways


guess gaijin hasnt understood the concept of “if its far from finished its best not to release it” though im not exactly surprised by that either

This is an issue most engineers face. You can often tell your stakeholders no, but then they come back with, “we need the money - you can polish it once it’s out”. Then we come back and try to fix things in between them telling you to put out new updates.

Dang, I have not had a chance to play since the update. Does this mean aerial torpedoes are going to be strong again?