Updated MFD's are pretty disappointing

The new MFD’s are a bit disappointing. The updated radar display is only for the F-16C and the F4F ICE, the weapons stores are only for the F-15C and AH-64’s, and we still can’t use the targeting cameras with the camera MFD mode from the cockpit view. Was hoping there would be something more with them since there was some focus on them in the teaser


I’ve been hoping for ages they’d add the ability to use the cameras and such in the cockpit view. It’s so easy to get turned around when you’re in the full-screen view and crash or head the wrong direction…

Disappointing. But at least it’s a start - the radar in the F-16 looks far nicer than what’s represented at current.

I’d rather have them improve (correct) the HUD’s in general: Not a single WT HUD has a correctly working horizon/attitude indicator and working flight path marker.

Has anything been done there?

Yeah the weapon stores page is nice on the F-15C but just hope it comes to more aircraft

I don’t think there’s been any changes to HUDs shince adding CCRP to guided bombs but that’s still only for a few aircraft and half the ones that got it are missing the release point indicator.

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also no SA screen