_______Update on testing Russian Bias on T80BVM: the problem is High Hardness Plates

Damn, its so hard to read, when there is no punctuation marks…

And? I havent said that im super pro or something.

Okay, then where is BS? You have no problem in killing them, i have no problem. SO? Where is BS?

God, the mental gymnastics. The problem is that ammunition even after direct hits doesn’t explode, and that it favours Russia the most due to their incredibly sub-optimal ammunition placement.

It’s like “if I close my eyes the problem with disappear” then you reopen your eyes and it’s still there.

it used to turn black meaning it exploded but the tank didn’t receive any damage
has if the command
if ammo exploded==true {

do tank explodes

didn’t get to the last part

Show me 1 russian tank that made it back after being hit in the ammo

This I think was the only one




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see for yourself.
Average Russian tank survivability. This was with slpprj m/95, probably one of the most egregious examples of this happening to me personally. : Warthunder (reddit.com)
see anything wrong? if you don’t then you’re blind.
there also other one that seem i can’t find anymore thet Ariete keep shooting BVM side like 3-4times but still alive

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1 shot was badly positioned, but anyway, it killed driver. Second struck breech and turret ring, so idk whats wrong here.
So… And what? Btw, its Seversk-13, absolutely broken map, where shells disappear in air and several streets have places where rounds losses their pen.

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I don’t know if they have. I’m not sure it would matter, because we’re testing video game Kinetic pentrators at 90 degree angles against video game tanks.

There haven’t even been that many tank-on-tank engagements in Ukraine, and the Russians have won all of them, against other Russian/USSR built tanks. So not sure what to say.

You should look at the parade in Nizhny Tagil, the local victory parade had some new production T-90MS and then a bunch of units that just returned home from the local BARS unit.

As far as I heard, the Moscow parade was not as big this year because the Russian public doesn’t want a big parade until they have a big victory. A lot of people said it would be distasteful to not have every unit available on the frontline… or so it goes.

RIP Invisible Ghost Cop cars

Congratulations sir you are completely blind or just try to ignore the truth. first shot bad yes second shot on the other hand hit the ammo but not explode and spilling is almost none exist.
and here other example
How to resolve this major skill issue? : Warthunder (reddit.com)
and this
Russian mains: “Russian damage models aren’t broken” : Warthunder (reddit.com)
there are lot of case like this you can see, and you can go find it yourself unless you try to ignore the truth and love living in fantasy then sure suit yourself.

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It struck breech and ring.

Super bad shots from Strv.

Black round happen to all vehicles.

I can find same for everyone. I can find absolutely the opposite things, like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlnBWOg6l4g&ab_channel=K2KitKrabiwe
Quite many ammo explosions, right?
Edit: Or like in that case, is it counts as Russian or German bias? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZpqJYSlsBU&ab_channel=K2KitKrabiwe

This really doesn’t prove anything. A few shots got absorbed by ERA at that angle, sprocket ate a round too. Only one that doesn’t make sense is the barrel, but there isn’t enough to go off of without knowing what patch, and even then, it’s a bug report, not intentional bias.

Again, we’ve now proved that spalling is different on high hardness steel, we also know it was angled, so why do you expect Godly amounts of spall?

Charges don’t detonate all the time. Again, not enough info to prove anything here.

AIM-9Js all got bore sight movement corrections.
R-13M1 retains 10 degree bore sight movement.
Russian bias

Heh still trying to protect your beloved Russia eh? Well sure the only nation you have in top tier are Russia no wonder you want comfort and handheld and try to ignore the problem charge not always explode? I never see Challenger2 survived shot in the charge or any tanks without blow-out panel but Russia seem to be special handheld well you don’t know ofc you only taste comfortable
Spalling are just one problem that don’t fix for years and it getting worse seen gaijin try to left it on purpose because guess who benefits it? Absorbed by ERA at that close range? even prove more Russian BS

You are so slow man. Re-read the posts above or admit you don’t know what you are talking about. Charges don’t always explode. That’s game code, same coding and values for all vehicles. To quote Doc, “the code doesn’t lie”. Chally 2 didn’t survive because it doesn’t have the same charge storage layout when you shoot one charge, you detonate anywhere from 2 to 4 or even 12 charges at a 90 degree angle, perpendicular to the Chally 2. Just not physically possible to do the same exact thing to a t-series tank.

Spalling is different so far due to armor type values, it’s the game. It may be real life. I’ve never built a tank hull, so I don’t know what goes into that stuff. It’s not “rUssIaN bIaS”. Absorbed by ERA or NERA is also completely realistic. Russia has the best ERA/NERA/SLERA in the world. Get over it. Lol.

Me or you hm? You think i’m only one see the problem? many people share the same experience and most of them are agreed that thing goes wrong with Russian tanks

ERA might be but NERA german did it better see the Strv122 hull and 2A5 arrowhead?
You just trying to continue get your comfort easy play not fair play from far as i can see sure if Russia get bad treatment like France I would fight too but no it’s not far from it

You’re making a logical fallacy and not engaging with the point that the Chally 2 specifically is the mostly likely tank to rack based on the way the game is designed (and probably IRL as they are 2/2 on ammo racking and blowing the turret). If you want to say that the rest of the tanks are disadvantaged because of the code and not because of how they are laid out in real life, you need to bring proof. Thus far the code says that all tanks have an equal chance of detonation, at 15%.

Relikt UFP is incredibly tough, basically invincible to anything not dropped by a plane for at least one shot. What isn’t modelled well in game, as far as I can tell, is the repeat shots in areas where the ERA portion of the SLERA has already been exploded, where it’s only NERA left.

My only agenda is that we don’t gimp Russian tanks for any reason other than they are incorrectly modelled in game, and only if it restores balance to the gameplay. I don’t see how changing the T-series tanks does that. They are all vulnerable. Most examples provided thus far really don’t capture any advantage they have.

The only promising thing so far is that the hull being hardened steel may change the spalling value, if that’s true, it’s bug worthy to report, and from there on, it should be fixed. This all still comes with the caveat that all tanks have some weakspots for the sake of gameplay, hence why every breech is pretty squishy in game.

You know that Russia tanks used to spall right?even during it peak time when T-80BVM was introduced when not everyone have high pen rounds too it spalling more than what we have now

Pesto isn’t handheld.
Spalling isn’t a Soviet thing, it’s a High Hardness Steel thing, the thicker the HHRA is the tighter it spalls while spalling a bit less.
Soviet tanks spall, especially T-72s as they use RHA instead of HHRA on T-80s.

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Then it needs to continue to be documented and tested against other tanks in a manner in which its provable, without a doubt, that the modeling is incorrect and also harmful to game balance.

Devs wont change stuff unless it maintains balance. Otherwise all nations would have tech in game that would perform much differently than it does now.

Seriously, if stuff people bring up now can’t pass muster amongst the community, people like trickZZter won’t even hesitate to nuke your report. The best part of all of this is if you do it right, you may be able to get the devs to acknowledge that the decision is illogical, nonsensical, or unrealistic. If you report the bug correctly, you may get a dev to acknowledge that the BVM spalling is broken, and why. That may be the closest we get to confirming “Russian Bias”.

Lastly, of a less related note. France suffers because of declassifcation laws. Afaik, AZUR has SLERA armor, and the 2011 gen and above should have decent KE protection. But because we have vague sources to go off of, you wont get much more out of the devs than what they’ve actually released.