Update More of the Same!

An update made with the monitors turned off and no testing for launch, the introduction of useless layout mechanics that in my 10,000 hours of play, I have never questioned in such a way, a ratio of 1 thing working to 10 having problems, honestly, a fiasco. As a DEV, I would be ashamed to approve a mediocre update at this level. They managed to ruin the countermeasure mechanics, the sounds of various vehicles and animations and not to mention that the official websites are forgotten, it takes days to update changlog, the Portuguese website then, even weeks, honestly, a fiasco.

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What did they ruin about countermeasures? If anything they are now 100 times better.

In realistic tank battles, you choose the countermeasures layout and the vehicle appears with 2 or 0, I believe you don’t play GRB

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No issues in GRB with countermeasure layout, go make a bug report with the vehicle you are having it with rather than complaining here.

Apparently, we have an egg baba here, with negative K/D in thunderskill statistics


What does my kd have to do with apparent bug in grb? Why are you so salty, do you need a break from video games?

Without patience with players who think they understand, if you take a quick look at the forum, you will find 5 or 6 more posts complaining about the countermeasures, don’t come to my post and tell me what to do.


So instead of making a bug report of something that is possibly happening, you instead make another crybaby post in the forum after multiple ones already been posted. Than you proceed to cry at people commenting. OK, you definitely need to take a break from war thunder, seems like it has got under your skin a bit.


You mention making a bug report and blah blah blah, I don’t think you understand that this is gaijin’s free way to solve a problem they created, and in the same way that you call it a crybaby, I see that you are the typical gamer level 3 who likes to kill lower levels.

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Ah more crying, ok. Are you capable of anything else?

Ill do some work on your behalf, here is the link to bug report forums. Community Bug Reporting System
WT forum is not the place.

Hugs and elevate your gameplay

Community Bug Reporting System + go outside.


What the actual *redacted is going on with the two of you, just be civil, its not that hard

Good job, you actually did something. Now you realize that gaijin is aware of the problem and there is no need to make a millionth crying post about it in the forums where it does not affect the process at all.

Thats unnecessary, his k’d doesnt have anything to do with this thread and his opinion on a bug

You’ve seen this happen in almost every single update.

But this was one of the worst…