Update issue PS5

Hey, as I don’t know where to report/talk about this, I’ll ask it here…
Am I the only one that can’t launch the game anymore on PS5 since the update?


hello moi aussi je n’arrive plus a jouer sur ps5 depuis la mise a jour , impossible de lancer le jeux
j’ai essayer de trouver la solution mais sans resultat pour l’instant vraiment dommage de n’avoir aucune information pour l’instant


Hi, same here, Gaijin doesn’t even said a word, what a shame…

Get trying all the day since 10h00 am today, still not able to connect, and so, can’t do the BP’s task I paid for, and cannot connect to the daily connection… We need a quick fix/and or some words about the situation and a (true) compensation for the time and achievments lost.


Same here on PS4, i cant lunch the game, cause the update made corrupted files.

Someone has already reported this issue here

Click on button “I have same issue”, it will help in visibility and, if you had, feel free to add more error details

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Same problem here, and not only for the PS5, but also for the PS4 system.

We talk about that here : PlayStation version of War Thunder is broken… again - Update “Sons of Attila”

It’s not really the same issue. I can’t connect to the game by anyway:

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We have same the problem but for me I deal with the corruption of saved data.

Apparently a guy have find a quick fix for the French users on PS5 :

  • Change the language of the system form French to English UK
  • Start the game ; check if work
  • Close the game
  • Change again the language of the system to French
  • Game apparently working

Thank to Ant_scht@psn

Source : Gaijin.net // Issues


Thank you bro.

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