PlayStation version of War Thunder is broken… again - Update “Sons of Attila”

Once again since “La Royale” update, we return to an optimization of an update that is so buggy that it causes a complete system crash on PS4

Indeed, following the installation of the last one, and thinking I was able to discover the last specificities of War Thunder with the introduction of the Hungarian nation, what pleasure I have to note that:

  • Update causes data corruption. First system message: cannot load backed up data because it is corrupted. Second message: Delete this saved data?

  • Error CE-34878-0. Then after these operations and loading the “Gaijin Entertainment” logo, the error message CE-34878-0 appears…

After five attempts, my patience is currently being tested.

What do I do in this case ? Stop the game ?…


Can’t play it on Ps5 too…


There’s a problem on ps5, can’t play either


Same for me but i did some testing:
Restarting ps4:fail
Turning off, wait 10min, try again: fail
Reinstall game:fail
Fully delete with save data then reinstall:fail
Hoping gaigin fix this mess: in progress


Same on Mac. “Fatal Error”

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I can no longer play on PS5 my games crash as soon as I launch it, who has the solution please tell me


Same thing here. I have reinstalled three time and no changes… So the problem is definitely from the Gaijin side

We need to wait the words form the Dev team or @Smin1080p about this situation.

Apparently we have a patch right now : the 5.26 Version. Anyone else ?

Game is broken here too.

Crashes on start of battle and on restart of game.

Windows 11

5.26 patch did not resolve the issue on my PS4, i still get the corrupted files error…


It was ok for me today 👍
Didn’t lost my daily reward

Ok now we face to a tremendous CE-34878-0 error situation… Three times since the deployment 5.29 who was supposed to fix the issues of the game.

Can you seriously do a proper update and optimizations for the PlayStation ?

Thank you…


Its is crashing on me now a month latter from your post date . Ive rebuilt data base 6 times deleted game 12 times im at a total loss here and would greatly appreciate any advice at all .im on a ps4 not that old of a console almost a year old console . Please help ive spent countless time and money i to this game and not being able to play at all is stressful