That’s a separate change

Part of the same change to the RWR functionality.

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Do you mean the radars are not doing it / not capable to do it in game, or that they are not doing it / not capable to do it IRL

I studied electronics and had my thesis on high frequency analog electronics.

Big part of curriculum was high frequency signals (Ghz, 100s of MHz, etc). it’s propagation, how it reacts with environment, electronics and other signals, how to generate and receive it.

it’s not as simple as you think it is


It did get hit pretty hard.

I see how that can be annoying. UI/UX was never Gaijin’s strong point I guess.

So you agree theres a problem with dying by semi actives with no warning. Guess its only a problem when its affecting blue team…

@przybysz86 This distinction is important. Not sure I fully understand you

Can we get an update on these enormous modelling mistakes that haven’t been addressed in months?

Relative to the Abrams tanks, a prominent nation’s Top Tier MBT family:

1- Wrong fuel tank bulkhead thickness and geometry:

2- Wrong turret ring geometry and thickness:

3- TUSK not being removable from SEPv2:

4- Missing spall liners:

SMS Baden:


Baden’s mantlet bug has been here ever since the ship was introduced to the game, I can’t understand how it hasn’t been fixed yet despite having been “acknowledged” twice.

Then there’s the M735 matter. It was artificially nerfed on what the devs immediately acknowledged as a wrong bug report with mistaken information. Yet they still needed it and did not apply the fox that has been warranted for several months.

A technical moderator made a correct bug report shortly after M735 was needed due to the wrong one… yet no fix in sight.

Also the numerous missing spall liners on tanks like the Challenger 2/3s (lower front plate), the Leclercs or pretty much every Rank VIII Chinese MBT. Or the present day Merkava Mk.4 having worse armor than IPM1/Leopard 2A4/T-72A, etc.

This is the kind of bugs many of us check every changelog in hopes of finding fixed. They have an enormous impact on the game and it’s incredibly disappointing to see them not addressed or corrected for months, and months, and months.


If a radar can do data link it can transmit data that a RWR can black out.

I say that with radars we have in game it’s not possible to simply change their frequency, etc enough to make a difference w/o actually making a change in their physical design.

And making change in physical design would basically be near the cost of designing new radar in 1990s and early 2000s.

It was not done IRL. If there were differences between “export” and “domestic” they’ve been not in radar but subsequent signal processing and electronics

There is a reason why electronics for radar in 1980-2000 were actually MUCH bigger than radar emitter itself.


of course we have modern multi-frequency, LPI AESA radars that can not only change frequencies very quickly “at random” but emit multi-spectral signal (aka noise-like signal) or even can physically rotate antenna to change polarization on the fly but that’s 2024 not what we have in WT

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do you think lead will behave the same as carbon-steel when bent?

or even heat treated vs non-heat treated metals?

spring steel?

They can just make the MSL marker visible. I think its like this in RB

Equally, elastic deformation, plastic deformation, fracture
Although carbon fiber is likely not to be plastic, but immediately destroyed

do you have any source-material for that claim?
i find it extremely unlikely.


I looked it up more thoroughly myself.

ALL metals follow a systematic principle of:

  • elastic - plastic - necking - break

Which is what you mean.

BUT not all metals curves look the same, some even have such little plasticity window that it (even though it is there) will in practice be non-existent.

So i think this is a case of translation/localisation misunderstanding.

Finally, I was waiting a long time for this. RWR IFF will make the average civil war match more bearable. But I do not agree with unrealistic changed to the respective rwr operational parameters, if the spo-10 couldn’t detect said frequencies it should stay like that. As a result it can be balanced with a lower BR

Finally the tornado got its chaff!

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I don’t like the fact that they introduce an unrealistic change to SIM.
SIM should be as accurate to IRL as possible without the crutches of RB.


i made a detailed post over reddit regarding this change, and guess what? my post got removed.
Its insane to even think they would remove the kill-cam’s only Useful feature.
Cheaters can now literally rage cheat, like even with a low-velocity HE shell without rolling their tracks, kill the enemy team from spawn and, I would bet you 10000000000000000000$ they would not get banned, not even reported, cause how would someone know if they where being shot from someone sitting in their spawn?


the translation is wrong. you still got a hit cam but much faster.

It shows you the player who killed you and teh direction he was looking at you from his perspective. They skip the long drawn out shell leaves barrel travels across map and hits you.

Its demaged cinematic and then enemy player and his watch directiontowards you from his postion.