Multipathing is radar altitude, not absolute altitude.

i know, but if the entire map is 60m off sea level then the radar altitude might also be 60m off on the entire map.

Radar altitude is not 60m off though, it’s not off at all. You can see this in HUD of an aircraft with radar altimeter when flying over the water of Golan (AJ37 or Mig23 for example has this). In the Mig23 video, I think he was literally above or too close to 60m, in addition to this he pulled up a few moments before it hit, changing it’s trajectory… I’ve included a picture of my AJ37 at exactly 60m above the ground for comparison(you generally need to be ~6-7 meters below whatever MP is set to to be safe, before it was ~94m, now ~54)



Me at 60m

In M2K and Gripen video he clearly got splash damaged, not direct hits. The missiles also came in at high angles which increases the odds for this, a good way to get around this specific scenario is to not fly into the missile, but rather away from it. I’m not exactly sure what causes it though, combination between network connection, last second course correction and explosive yield is my guess. A suspicion I have, is that the missiles generally won’t have time to adjust course during the final 1-2 seconds of flight, in both M2K and gripen video, the target was at a higher altitude, and then dropped 12-16 meters altitude right before missile splash damaged them.


Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 20.11.47

I also multipathed in the F1C on Golan Heights during the entire Benelux tree grind down to the F16AM, if radar altitude was connected to sea-level at 60m then it would literally be impossible to pull off. Clearly not the case.

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Thanks for the information :)

The more you know! “* tune plays *”

I actually didn’t know how they had programmed radar altimeter in relation to ground (and still don’t). But it at least isn’t tied to sea level :) good to know.

I mean they did this with finland also, its also annoying because if you have the finnish roundel to use on the finnish HA 75 and KV-1B you cant since they are on germany not finland.


It’s pretty cool, if you go into cockpit view, you can fly around different maps and see how hard it is to stay below multipath. ‘Generally speaking’, right now the “line” is at ~54 meters. If you’re below, you’re properly multipathing, if you’re above, you’re not. You’re still at risk from occasional splash damage of course but that’s another topic.



Included both Golan sea-level with AJ37 radar altimeter and a short clip of me multipathing on Golan, without exceeding 50m. In the end I included the real danger of Golan, which is not the trees (even before trees were cut down, I managed to stay under 60m like 80-90% of the time, since those super tall trees were pretty spread apart), but rather the rolling hills, the ground can drop fast below you if you don’t plan ahead where you fly.

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Can we get an update on these enormous modelling mistakes that haven’t been addressed in months?

Relative to the Abrams tanks, a prominent nation’s Top Tier MBT family:

1- Wrong fuel tank bulkhead thickness and geometry:

2- Wrong turret ring geometry and thickness:

3- TUSK not being removable from SEPv2:

4- Missing spall liners:

SMS Baden:


Baden’s mantlet bug has been here ever since the ship was introduced to the game, I can’t understand how it hasn’t been fixed yet despite having been “acknowledged” twice.

Then there’s the M735 matter. It was artificially nerfed on what the devs immediately acknowledged as a wrong bug report with mistaken information. Yet they still needed it and did not apply the fox that has been warranted for several months.

A technical moderator made a correct bug report shortly after M735 was needed due to the wrong one… yet no fix in sight.

Also the numerous missing spall liners on tanks like the Challenger 2/3s (lower front plate), the Leclercs or pretty much every Rank VIII Chinese MBT. Or the present day Merkava Mk.4 having worse armor than IPM1/Leopard 2A4/T-72A, etc.

This is the kind of bugs many of us check every changelog in hopes of finding fixed. They have an enormous impact on the game and it’s incredibly disappointing to see them not addressed or corrected for months, and months, and months.


Ahead round should be buffed more , there is no way a jet turbine can survive multiple tungsten balls

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IIRC that ammunition isn’t in game yet.

It is in game puma ifv and pgz-09 both have ahead rounds

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huh, i somehow completely missed this, cool thanks :)

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  • Carpathians — a position behind the spawn points in squares G3/G4 from where players could fire from a safe position over a long distance have been blocked.

That here shows how out of touch you devs are from your own game
This spot was easly contered even from the spawn tank there is so visible its besicaly free kill Also that was the way to counter hill. You just made north side instant win like you did with Sinay one side is now isntant win.

Stop removing/redzoning map features/spots/etc this is not the way to balance game.
If you want map for dumb players made them 2sq arena as additional game mode.
God this game is going downfall so badly now… wth happen and who is responsible for all this terrible changes…???


bruh, just let me use this shit on every country
it’s not like we’ve had access to the RNLAF triangle on every country for years before 🤡


Free my boi RNLAF roundel!
Don’t lock it to france. A nation that has no history with the RNLAF Roundel.
Make it available like the Orange triangle was to all. For us dutch players a roundel of our country, Because we’d atleast like to fight under our own roundel and flag, and for others a decorative decal to make vehicles more unique.

We’ve been waiting for years to get the mordern roundels in the game and now you lock it to a tree with the least amount vehicles the dutch used.

please just make it available to all

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Idk what they are doing but it makes no sence. Why lock Roundels in the first place? Most of the time in aircraft (besides take off, and only then if you really look around for them) or tanks battles we are at a distance were you can’t even see decals. And if they want it for recognition in sim battles they should lock it to that mode. Not take the roundels from the playerbase.

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Yeah, though i do find it pretty funny how there weren’t that many people complaining about the finnish roundel but now you get to a larger nation and way more people talk about this like its the first time gaijins done this lol. Really shows the difference in player size from nations.

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The conditions for obtaining and using decals with the identification marks of the Belgian and Dutch Air Forces have been changed. Now they are only obtainable using vehicles from France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Any update on this?

It is insane that roundels get locked to a tree that has fewer vehicles/skins in that tree than other trees have in the game. Especially those that have been available to all players since the start of the game and which have ZERO influence on SIM battles.

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