Mad Thunder

  • Porcupine — the speed of traversing the gun horizontally has been increased from 50 to 100 degrees per second and from 30 to 60 degrees vertically.
  • Porcupine — vertical dispersion of the 20 mm cannon has been reduced by 40%.
  • Powerful Porcupine, Strong Porcupine — a bug with the vertical guidance of the static flamethrowers has been fixed.
  • Powerful Porcupine, Strong Porcupine — control of the flamethrowers has been transferred from the gunner to the driver.
  • Porcupine — the reverse speed has been increased from 13 km/h to 39 km/h.
  • Echidna — the reverse speed has been increased from 22 km/h to 30 km/h.
  • Boar — the reverse speed has been increased from 17 km/h to 25 km/h.
  • The collision damage for Mad Thunder event vehicle wheels has been reduced.
  • For Mad Thunder event vehicles, repairing has been made 2 times faster.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Will we get any info from the devs about the CR2 post-rework


Expand backpack capacity, open more exit exits, remove kill caps, reduce vehicle unlock conditions, and give more rewards!!!!


Don’t worry about the game breaking bugs and issues that were reported over a year ago, just focus on fixing the April fools event


no fixes about silos not being textures and allowing ulq player to see you through? No fixes about crew tanking 23mm AP (and above lol)? No less players in a match, still get nothing if you don’t extract? Fix those also, so the event can be FUN! And maybe more exit points, both in total and that you can take, because having to run 10km not dying when there’s kill farmers is just impossible 3 out of 4 times.


I will refer back to my post in the main topic here:

the fact that reverse speed and gun traverse is what was changed and not the absolute game breaking bugs or the parts of the event that take ALL of the fun out of it is honestly very sad.


why is the Rhino shooting AP now with 8 second reload, how are we supposed to play with it now?!!! FIX THIS !!!

and by fix, i mean give it heatfs or he, or revert to it’s incendiary shell, but ap is not acceptable and you have to be stupid if you think it was a good idea.

“Sorry” (not sorry) your overpowered camping machine got nerfed. Now you have to play the game fairly, gl.


i just unlocked it, and it’s just unplayable. Seeing how it’s hard to get, it should be powerful, and here it’s just trash. I tried it, could do nothing because it’s solid shot, but with long reload. It should at least get hesh, seeing how the powerful boar has a recoiless rifle with he.


It would be nice to show enemies camping extraction points on the mini map and possibly make it so two extraction points are open at a time for each team/player to deter spawn camping of the exits (exit camping?).


i usually camp around exits when it’s like 2 min left but i’m staying a bit farther away and there’s always a mf coming and trying to hide to get kills and it’s fun to obliterate them. Camping the exit campers lol. But yes the event need to be thought trough, something gaijin never does correctly.

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Current event can be described as “Silly grind for nothing”, with tone of nerve-burning scenarios and low dopamine from successful accomplishing.

I would like to force devs to play their own game/events

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nothing about being locked in a semi-spectator camera while being able to drive, not extract and do nothing else (mostly in 3rd spawn)?

I’m getting that a lot, spawn, camera feels like spectator, I can drive, can’t change camera, can’t aim the gun or anything else

And we need more extraction points, campers ruin the event, it should be fun, but its just another boring grind

I’d rather go back to my studies in my spare time (my actual spare time, if I mention to quit and play a certain game they’ll probably delete my comment, said game being about 4 Super Humans in a FUN PvE environment)

And Yeah I’d also like to mention, this game has a lot of PvE FUN potential but the Snail doesn’t see that as a money making opportunity so they don’t care, I know people that would pay for a full Campaign (well done and scripted unlike old single missions that were made for ww2 aircraft)
My friend for example is nuts for helicopters and would love a DCS style missions.

Wake up snail, the game is losing yours faithful 10+ year old players, I’m barely touching normal game modes myself, when I saw this new game mode I was excited, and it got boring after 10 games, even with friends.

Please, I love the game, but think, listen to the community.

Have a nice day to you Community manager, I hope my comment wasn’t too aggressive.

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For a second I thought one of these is now in WT(



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I see the Italian flag, please proceed

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Update doesn’t help enough. Camping still rampant. Cannot even get out enough parts to upgrade vehicles. Waste of time. There should just be an exfiltration zone by each spawn point, maybe only for the lower grade vehicles (not the strong or powerful etc.). That way at least noobs/new players could get SOMETHING without getting camped EACH, and EVERY match.

As it stands, this game mode only rewards the most toxic behavior. If that was the April Fool’s “Joke” then congratulations. You played a joke on all the players who play fair, and rewarded the toxic ones. “Bravo”.

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