Ground Vehicles

  • CV 90120 the maximum forward and reverse speed has been changed from 78/51 km/h to 70/40 km/h. (Report)
  • AMX-32 (105) — engine power has been increased from 680 HP to 700 HP. Source: GIAT, 1983. AMX 32. s.l.:s.n. 1979, SATORY VII EXPOSITION DE MATERIELS D’ARMEMENT TERRESTRE. s.l.: s.n.
  • Centurion Mk 2, Mk 3 — the incorrectly changed optical magnification has been returned from 3x-6x to 6x. Source: Technical Handbook for the Centurion mks. 1, 2 and 3 by The war office, May 1950 Page 211-212.
  • M41D — engine power has been increased from 450 HP to 500 HP. Source: Video. According to 《國軍現役武器圖鑑》 (Active Weapon Catalog of the National Military)
  • “雖然最大瞬間出力低於AOS-895,但因最大淨出力相當,故仍保持了M41A3原有的極速,且最大行程也較M41A3大幅提升。再加上更新了聯動自製的扭力杆懸掛系統,使M41D的機動性優於M41A3.
  • 2S6, Tor-M1 — transmission gear ratios have been changed. Source: Study of Modification Scheme for Operation Electric Control System of Russian (569A) Integrated Transmission.
  • Leclerc (all variants) — the maximum speed has been increased from 71 km/h to 72 km/h. Sources: Source 1: "LECLERC - LA SUPERIORITE OPERATIONNELLE" - 2005, GIAT Industries Retrieved from here. Source 2: Nexter Group Official Website Web Archive - 2007. Retrieved from here
  • Black Prince — transmission gear ratios have been changed. The number of reverse gears has been increased from 1 to 2. The number of forward gears has been increased from 4 to 5. The reverse speed has been increased from 2.2 km/h to 6.6 km/h. The maximum forward speed has been increased from 17.2 km/h to 18 km/h. Source: Mr. Churchill's Tank: The British Infantry Tank Mark IV by David Fletcher, pages 203, 204 and 209.
  • DF105, FlaRakPz 1 — the maximum speed has been increased from 70 km/h to 75 km/h. Source: International Defense Review 1971-08: Vol 4 Iss 4. Marder - The Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle of the Modern German Army.
  • Striker — transmission gear ratios have been changed. Source: "International Defense Review 1971-10: Vol 4 Iss 5" .
  • Daimler Mk II — gun depression angle has been changed from -12 to -15 degrees. Source: Royal Armoured Corps Training Vol. 3 – Armament. Pamphlet No. 4 Daimler armoured car Mk. 1 and 2. October 1951 by The War Office Page 123.
  • Churchill Crocodile — the angles of elevation/depression and traverse to the right and left of the Flamethrower have been changed from 5/30 and -15/15 degrees to -15.5/23 and 14.5/15.5 degrees. Source: Crocodile. Flame thrower equipment. Provisional training pamphlet 1945.
  • Alecto I — transmission gear ratios have been changed. Source: Service Instruction Book for Alecto I. June 1945 Page 5 and 18.
  • Alecto I — gun elevation has been increased from 25 to 26 degrees. Source: Service Instruction Book for Alecto I. June 1945 Page 3.
  • Marder A1, Marder A3, DF105, FlaRakPz 1, Begleitpanzer 57, TAM, TAM 2C, TAM 2IP — transmission gear ratios have been changed. Source: International Defense Review 1971-08: Vol 4 Iss 4.
  • Comet I, Comet I “Iron Duke IV” — the turret rotation speed has been increased from 15 to 21 degrees per second. An incorrect description in the crew window will be corrected later. Source: Royal Armoured Corps Training Vol. 3 - Armament Pamphlet No. 5 Comet 1, June 1949 by the War Office Page 85 “to time the system” - paragraph “C”.


  • F-14 (all variants), Mirage-2000C S5, Tornado F3/ADV, F-4J/K/M FGR, F-1, T-2 (aircraft with radars without All-Aspect PD mode) — now have manual selection of “ACM” and “ACM PD HDN” modes for radar in ACM mode. While in tracking mode, radars still use automatic waveform management. Aircraft radars with All-Aspect PD mode still only use this mode in ACM.
  • MiG-29 (all variants), Yak-141, Su-27, F-16 (all variants), F-15A, Mirage-2000 5F, AV-8B Plus Italy, F-20 Tigershark, F-4EJ Kai, JA37 (all variants), JAS 39 (all variants) — corrected the name of the radar ACM mode — “PD ACM” instead of “PD AUT”.


  • A bug that caused the game to freeze during startup when opening a dialog box has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


That Black Prince buff))))


yhea, “the incorrectly changed optical magnification has been returned from 3x-6x to 6x” nice… now fix all british tank lol…

Caemarvon, Fv4202, centurion mk10, conqueror, 50% of british tank are still X6… you can do it, I give you 4 year for the rest lol

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Always nice to see the devs look at my bug reports and ignore the most important parts. See, I even went to the trouble of leaving a link to the accurate bug report for a forwards top speed of 90kph:


The 90kph contains more up-to-date information from the manufacturer and a French army document among other things.


@Stona_WT any timeframe on when the devs are going to be finally implementing the Leclerc’s top speed accurately? Or are the devs just in a habit of keeping it in a gimped state?


Why cant you just give experienced players the option to manage this manually? Engine controls are usually managed by the “instructor”, but the option exists to enable MEC. Why not do it similarly for radars?


Feel free to submit suggestion in Suggestion Section.

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5 min Google

Just isn’t possible, 90kph is the over speed or non governed speed at 3100 engine rpm.

CV90120 my baby!


it says in the report already (1.6) without its governor fitted to the engine
other wise all tanks could go faster…
leopards could go 100 kp/h

Most tanks can go faster then the max stated speed, but the life span of the engine/tracks etc will decrease massively

so your most accurate thing is the 71/72 it got and not the possible 90 without limiter etc

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I’d much rather be able to manually switch by lock type manually, what good is the RIO in the F-14 right now?

wont matter if the acceleration doesn’t get fixed hoping to see the Leclerc’s proper hyperbar engine soon


I personally feel the auto always select’s the wrong mode

Why locking the Aircraft Flying towards me at mach 1 wen there are stationary flares 10km behind said aircraft

Also even in Auto almost sure pd should have priority over the non pd mode

Are we allowed to use Jane’s as a source when submitting bug reports? I had previously been told no, but I understand policy changes.

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I know, but might as well ask.

At least it’s a semi-credible source this time. When they halved the optics of the Rooivalk and Apaches, iirc their source was an random professor, whose research articles are published in a predatory journals…

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We don’t accept Janes as the sole source of a report from which to make a change as a secondary source as it’s often inaccurate. It can be used however as an additional supporting source if there are multiple other sources that agree.

In this case, there were several sources that agreed with the data. But we have removed the Janes source from the list.

The developers do not make changes solely based on Janes. It will always be multiple sources.


I could’ve sworn I saw Conqueror’s APDS change on the patch notes, was that one removed?

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ah rip the changes completely broke the black prince ability to neutral steer while sitting still, can still turn while moving but it hesitates and stops and starts while switching gears.
Don’t have time to do a bug report if it hasn’t been done already so hopefully someone can check that out

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