• Mirage IIIE, IIIC — take-off elevation time of the nose gear leg has been reduced (report).
  • Saab JAS39A, JAS39C — The dependence of the available engine thrust on speed is adjusted closer to the available thrust of the installed F404-GE-402 (F-18) engine (report). Sea level static thrust has been increased by ~1,500 lbs; at М0.9 reduced by ~3,000 lbs. Landing distance has been reduced (report).
  • F-111A — sustained turn rate has been reduced by 13 deg per sec at 60,000 lbs weight, climb rate adjusted (report).


  • The sound of the GAU-8A cannon now features an additional layer with a characteristic crackling and howling noise when heard at a distance.
  • A bug that caused flares/chaff to sound like an ATGM while passing by the player has been fixed.


  • All AB and RB missions on the “Carpathians” map now have an additional spawn point for both teams, which previously could be found only in SB mode. Undetailed zones at the borders of the ground vehicle play area are now unavailable.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


WHOO! Mirage 3s fixed!


How about revert change Sands of Sinai and mozdok? because nobody likes it


Very good change!


bruh already reported it 5 months ago but glad someone reported again and wasn’t ignored and got fixed lmao. The bug on other planes was fixed year ago but mirage 3s finally have it at last. I guess i need to redo the reports every once and then or they get sent to shadow realm.

I made a well-put together report, and made sure to use Mirage 5s in it as well since Mirage 5 is to Mirage 3 what Mig-27 is to Mig-23.
It started off as 365kph, then it was reduced to 275, and now it’s corrected entirely.

Holy moly you’re right. That’s an amazing change.


Gonna admit it this is nice but there still more map that need to be correct for good

I assume you mean it has been reduced TO 13 degrees per second? :)

edit: where are vehicle data sheets these days? I assume the person who made bug report had access but I cannot find it and the old forum data sheets section has not been transferred to this newfangled one.

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su27/j11 still Missing 4 tonnes of thrust…

D4 will still be the most important part of the map lol

Can someone explain what the trust change means for the gripen?

frankly i’m waiting for the update that will make it so in Conquest 3 (the cap point’s in center right of F6), getting on and behind the castle is impossible, there’s a map border there.

Cant tell you the amount of times someone has camped behind the Northern spawns in the little forest at B3-B4

It is a lot worse

Why is the Gripen even at 12.3 anymore?

hold on the entire bug report for the Gripen nerf was just a USSR main speculating about the RM12 engine performance based on a different engine on a different jet?? His entire argument boils down to “Why wouldn’t the F/A-18 use the RM12 if it has more thrust?”.

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cause it has good flight performance 9ms and alot of CMs

Why gaijin hates sweden ? Please tell me, gripen got 2 nerfs in 5 days, now its 3 nerfs…
Why does gaijin listen to players with skill issue crying they dunno how to flare aim9m ?
“Influencers” that cry online like that ruin the game…
Big L from gaijin, change my mind…

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This statement is false


They just passed a bug report begging of them to nerf the Gripen with no sources.

He even said himself that he is not looking at the RM12 engine thrust but at the engine it was improving, literally saying “It is way too good, I do not trust that this engine can be good therefore you should nerf it”