• J-9 — artifacts have been removed from the cockpit view.
  • Target re-acquisition after short homing break down has been improved for SARH missiles.


  • SMS Sachsen — camo mapping has been fixed.


  • The sounds of ATGMs and unguided rockets flying past the player have been adjusted so that they sound less like jet aircraft flying over, and also sound more distinctive.


  • Squares A1-A2 and partially B1-B2 have been excluded from the available play area on the [Domination #1]Mozdok mission to avoid spawn trap kills on the northern spawn point.
  • The available play area in all missions on the Sands of Sinai location have been shifted to the left to exclude the hills, which allowed for control of most of the location and spawn points.
  • All AB missions on the Sands of Sinai location now have spawn and capture points located similar to RB/SB missions.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.




Why??? Please revert this, it significantly hampers gameplay and map flow, it made the map even more one-sided than before


That’s a good one. You can always spot a sweat if they start defending their spawncamping spots.


I agree about the spawncamping bit but I find the guys who camp the hills often save us from the TOW slingers who sit on the western side of the map and are impossible to kill.


what the ? why? what they should do is make the map larger not this who made this kind of idea? better revert it noone like it


oh joy sinai has gone from playable to
Everyone is now going to only play around the town otherwise it will be horrific.

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Thank god the changed the atgm sound, was constantly thinking im getting buzzed by a fly flying jet only to find I’m getting pinged by a helicopter instead

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So, when are going to redesign Carpathians? You know, the map with the one hill that rules the entire map, including both spawns…


Now if only flares and chaff would stop sounding like jets…


Along with the challenger and chieftain having the wrong engine noises XD

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I disagree with this one, and the Sinai change. The northern spawn had equal access to that area, and could use it to great effect, it was not unbalanced towards the south. The last time I played on the northern spawn, I got a nuke with the Jagdtiger by going to A1, and then slowly pushing towards A, which I eventually decapped. If something that slow, large and unwieldy could do it, so can most vehicles in the game, so this was not an issue of north/south imbalance.

I didn’t normally go up the eastern road on Sands Of Sinai, but it was the most interesting feature of that map anyway, it allowed good comebacks when the battle was going badly, and gave you an opportunity to flank snipers and catch them by surprise. I feel like this change will make the map more static, not less, because now ironically you have fewer avenues to move without being sniped at.

But even if you’re really determined to remove those hills, just shifting the map leftward is not really a solution imho. It’s all huge swathes of completely flat and open ground around A, which I can’t fathom why anyone would want to reliably use. Not for nothing A was already the less frequented cap on the map, and that will be exacerbated now.

So, yeah. Not the best map changes ever (while those to Hurtgen for example were really good).

It’s kind of disappointing to see more and more maps funneling players into frontal engagements. Why have such a huge variety of vehicles in the game, if many of them do poorly at one-dimensional frontal engagements and that’s all we’re getting from the maps these days?




Gaijin keeps ruining maps cause a few can’t deal with flanking. We’ll end up with single cap point maps where you can only drive from spawn to cap and where both teams just meet head on there, and all maps will feel the same.

Another great change for the game after ruining so many maps already. Why even have different maps if they will all feel the same?


You can actually see quite a bit from F7. Into C, into parts of B, and into parts of A, as well as the transit in the open towards A. Some of my most enjoyable sniping duels have been from up there. Although at this point I wonder how long before that part is removed as well.

Not really, it is way too exposed and not enough elevation to shoot over the rocks

Lmao what is this

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The new sands of sinai map

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What´s the point of having a map if it´s just a flat corridor. You guys make all maps, the cargo map wtf. At this point you could just remove every map except cargo instead of butchering all of the maps. Tanks are made to climb hills, the community never asked for you to remove that, we only asked for you to remove the glitch spots that could be used to see inside enemy spawn, just that, nothing more for F sake.


Continued destruction of interesting maps. Now it’s the Sands of Sinai, where toptier was

Only flat maps, where everyone will fight head-on and make no more than 1-2 kills, and die

Every shooter has camper positions, why remove them except for the purpose of deliberately destroying competition and high results (so people won’t farm a lot), i don’t know