@Smin1080p we are tired of this situation
When it takes so little effort to nerf anything, just because someone died from it(if its not soviet vehicle you know), while we take so many attempts, to buff(mostly ITS FIX TO REALISTIC VALUES) something either.
And we just cant make any changes in game, with all proofs of the world.
You, communuty managers, should also take responsibility for this, because i dont see interest from you in these questions.
All forum begs about Abrams, Leo2A7V. Lots of really good bug reports are made about new and old bugs that is critical for game balance
But you just ignore it, because YOU CANT allow yourself to make something really good, if its not russian vehicle.


Those Drop tanks are 600L,… not 500 or 800

Also the KFIR Drop tanks are similar to Mirage 5F not Mirage 4000

What happened to the penetration parameters ??? Everything what was okay yesterday is now gone. A 560mm on 11,7 goes through nothing through anymore. It is even hard to destroy a barrel with it.

And another point is if you switch from binoculars mode to aiming mode, the gun almost always/ rise drops. Why is that? This is complete rubbish and has worked normally in the past.
This can only mean that the binoculars have a different fixed point than the gunner and instantly the gun rise/drops. Miracle, then you can also remove the function directly again.

I am really frustrated the with each bug fix new bugs and issue are there. That can only that the test management is doing no regression test or just take it into consideration.

if Armata will come, then the new Panther KF51 is also a must !!! Besides it is nearlly nothing known about Armata and only Prototyp of it exist. There is more information about KF51 than T-14

From what I always knew the 1.5x for G limit is because 99% of the time aircraft are built to be able to sustain 1.5 times their rated maximum load.
So it’s not a simple “take maximum allowed load, multiply by 1.5” but instead the one we have in war thunder is the actual maximum structural limit of the aircraft.


We are listening to the concerns of the community and posting regular developer updates on the most discussed items. The most recent was last week: Responding to issues regarding dev server reports 13.12.2023

We hope to have more news coming this week covering several of the topics you mentioned that will respond to the concerns around those vehicles from the developers.

We are certainly not ignoring anyone’s concerns, simply these are complex matters that require proper time and evaluation before a developer response can be given as they are all working on the current update feedback.


Considering it took only a few days for maybe 5 players who’s job this is not to interpret armor information to figure it out


Gaijin who is an entire game dev, who’s whole focus and job daily is to analyze this stuff, and has significantly more time and people to do it, who also isnt shocked by this not new information it has always had access too

The only delay we’re getting is because they need to find a way to either shoot down the info as false, backpeddling from their previous statement on modern armor or construe it in a way that wont make “US OP” in comparison to russia (i.e, not better)


This week ? well at least good to have a date written on it now i geuss

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This is verifiably false.

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Very much looking forward to this.

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… no plane in this game doesnt lose speed in turns.

I don’t understand how this is a reason to give all aircraft except the Gripen 1.5 times their max G limit

Fair. Its likely a revolving gimp.

The F16 was G locked at 9Gs forever remember?

Please explain in this blog why several reports regarding the G-limit for the JAS 39 A and C have been discarded without being read by the moderators or developers.

Because 1.5 is the ratio between their structural and allowed limits.
F-16 is a 9G plane and is built to structurally be able to sustain 13Gs (or at least I think it is, the important part is that they allow the plane to go up to what it is the point were wings would start breaking/bending).

An example of which I would be more certain is the MiG-25: irl it was limited to 4.5G, but during testing it was able to pull 11 without breaking the wing. In game it would pull 11G.

(for those wondering the MiG-25 would pull 11 at mach quadrillion or some stupid high speed, certainly not at 1000kph, it would still remain a brick)

1.5 just happens to be the usual safety number

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Another example is the F-18. It is limited at 7.5G in real life but can go well past that without breaking (should be around 11-12G which, oddly enough, is 1.5 times 7.5)

Poor flight model. No purposeful limits were put on the plane until after they fixed it.

It’s one thing if the airframe can pull that, but can any human being withstand 18Gs? How would that not just kill you on the spot? Taking it with a grain of salt, Google says the average human can withstand 4-5Gs before passing out. I have to imagine 18Gs is lethal to anyone, trained or not.

Does Gaijin need to implement (I guess what we would call) a “soft death” mechanic where your pilot’ just dies from sustaining a high G load/maneuver? Can’t imagine that being very fun.

You don’t think the Gripen can structurally support more than 12 G’s? You don’t think the engineers at SAAB realized that they too should have some extra room for the structural G-limit of the plane? The F-16 can not structurally tolerate 13 G’s and be perfectly fine, it would not be destroyed but the wings would bend and need maintenance, same goes for the Gripen. The Gripen can pull 12 G’s and structurally about 1.5x that (like all aircraft, as you mentioned) before being damaged, note again, that it does not destroy the jet to experience these high G-forces but it is considered to not be “Structurally fine” which is important to differentiate between.

I don’t see how this is relevant. Gaijin looks at the max G-load for an aircraft and multiplies it by 1.5, if a pilot would survive this multiplication is irrelevant. Most pilots won’t survive (and definitely won’t be awake within a few seconds) after pulling over 9 g’s for several seconds. They already have a function for the passing out of the pilot, giving the Gripen the G-limit it should have has nothing to do with this function for passing out.