• In Ground Realistic Battles, active scouting of a recently destroyed enemy (less than 1 second ago) is no longer considered a miss and blocks the reuse of scouting for 6 seconds, which is the same time for a successful scout, rather than for 45 seconds.
  • Starting with the Sword of Justice event, the cost of purchasing an event stage with Golden Eagles will be significantly reduced when the player reaches 85% and 95% progress in completing a stage.
  • Disappearance and deformation of textures when using the latest NVIDIA video card drivers has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


this change in scouting is really an improvement! Thx for this!!


so it was possible to fix this scouting bug…
a problem obvious to every child that tried scouting in 3 games…
and GJN notices it after only… years… ROFL
Now fix the scouting when it doesn’t work although you see the enemy tank you point exactly on it, you scout and get punished for the game not working properly…


I would not really call it a bug which was fixed but more a source of frustration - the last issue should be fixed but I couldn’t test it recently

Great change with the spotting, now the only thing left is that spotting beyond death should be disabled. It’s just annoying, that you fought off a scout tank, that you know that the enemy team is still able to see you, got me “return” killed so many times, and it’s just annoying and frankly, unrealistic as well.

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do you mean the killcam?

I was just thinking about this yesterday after it happened to me twice in a row hahahah, nice. Thank you!!

When you are scouted by an enemy your position will be continously broadcasted for 30 seconds even if the enemy who did the scouting is destroyed.

If you think about it logically, the enemy scout vehicle shouldn’t be able to continue relaying information about you after they’re destroyed.

So the suggestion would be to remove “scouted” status of all targets when the scout vehicle in question is destroyed.

IMO I think it’d be nice to have the enemy marker remain on the map after destruction of the scouting vehicle, but without further position updates. Change the icon or color in some way to indicate there was a scouted enemy here, but position may now be outdated.

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yes you are right - it would be realistic that the marker acts like you described - but this (changing colour etc.) would complicate the gameplay - and lets be serious - its also not realistic that a tank repairs its engine within 20s.
We still have a game for entertainment - its not a military simulator - not even in SB

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The problem still persist after this patch


Please be sure to update drivers to latest available for your GPU/OS.
If problem stays after that, please create report here: Community Bug Reporting System
So devs got log files to check.

I’ll do that again, thx for recommendation, mean while I’ll return back to my old gpu driver ver. 546.65


Thanks for updating the scouting ability. However, when driving and scouting using the commander view, it often 'misses" the enemy because of our vehicle boucing and scounting does not work. That would be nice if it could be fixed.

  • Starting with the Sword of Justice event , the cost of purchasing an event stage with Golden Eagles will be significantly reduced when the player reaches 85% and 95% progress in completing a stage.

That’s really great, I would just dream of a linear % based system. Ie: I do 25% of tasks points, I pay 75% of star, I do 50% of points I pay 50% of star. I’m sure a lot more of us will be willing to pay for completing the so long tasks.

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This has literally been fixed YESTERDAY (Feb 15) and it does work. I’d say it even works too well. We shouldn’t be able to scout people thru buildings, behind hills and all but hey, at least no more infuriating “misses”.

I’m sorry to tell you but the commander’s camera needs effective stabilization that only modern vehicles have, for what you’re asking

Good job ! I thought I couldn’t be the only one with huge chunks of scenery dipping or rising from ground level.

And the scouting that’s finally fixed :)

I’ll be honest, now that it works flawlessly, I’d say active scouting is a little overpowered. I’d be in favor of reducing the scouting duration OR fixing (preventing) the ability to scout through buildings, hills, etc. (if that doesn’t break what you’ve just fixed yesterday) OR remove the scouting markers when the scouter gets destroyed. As of now, on some open maps especially, you can very much spam active scouting from a safe position with binos, almost turning some RB battles into “AB” (I’m exagerating a little but not that much).

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maybe remove the marker - but also grant the reward if the target is killed although within the usual scout time of 30s

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I don’t know, I guess that could be applied in general, like when the normal scouting ends, have a marker there still.
But I don’t know if that would improve things, blind people will still be blind and people who pay attention will be able to remember the position.
I think it’s more important, that you still get credited for assisting with scouting some time after the marker disappears, and the target gets destroyed. You still pointed out where the enemy was, even if it wasn’t actively displayed anymore. Like 10 sec. would be nice, I think.

But anyway, I’m just grateful Gaijin is finally addressing scouting after it’s been in this broken state for years.

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But that’s been the case before, that’s another problem to tackle. But generally, more consistency is always better and scouting had a major issue in that regard

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I would even go as far as long as a scout vehicle is looking at someone with binos, that unit is marked. In order for scouting ability to work, the light tank has to be stationary. There is no button activation nonsense. Once the light tank stops using binos, the mark disappears.

Light tank scouting is too strong in its current form.