Update ( Xbox, Playstation)

Ground Vehicles

  • A bug where the selection of machine guns and cannons did not function correctly has been fixed.
  • Ka-Chi — incorrect placement of decorations when the pontoons were removed has been fixed.
  • Ariete — incorrect placement of decorations when the War Kit modification was removed has been fixed.
  • Missing armor penetration values on the stat cards of some vehicles has been fixed. (Report)
  • Incorrect operation of the stabilizer, which allowed the player to increase aiming speed and turret rotation has been fixed.
  • The animation of tracks on destroyed armor vehicles when they are being towed has been removed.
  • Ratel 20 — a bug causing no separate ATGM sight to be present has been fixed. (Report)


  • A bug with the radar on the F-14 where in ‘Track While Scan’ mode, the radar could switch between targets, which made it difficult to launch AIM-54 missiles has been fixed.
  • A21A-3 — a bug that caused the wrong order of bomb drops has been fixed.
  • All airborne radars with BVR mode now have a target tracking prolongation time of 3 seconds.
  • ACM and HMD radar modes range for F-16A/D (all variants), AV-8B Plus (Italy), Mirage 2000 (all variants) and J-8F was increased to 10 NM.

Naval Vessels

  • The inability to activate a tow rope has been fixed.

Game Mechanics

  • A bug where in some cases in Ground Realistic Battles, active scouting did not work, despite the fact that the target was in the crosshairs of the scout’s sight or binoculars has been fixed.
  • In Ground Arcade and Realistic battles, when a scouted target is destroyed by a player who attacked it within 60 seconds before the scouting, the scout is now always given a “Not by intelligence” reward. This also means that the scout will not receive an increase in air strike and artillery points (in Ground Arcade), and a reduction in the cost of spawn points for aircraft (Ground Realistic).
  • A bug in Ground Arcade battles when destroying a scouted target from an aircraft, the reward “Not by intelligence” was always given, without taking into account whether the player had seen the target before the scouting or not has been fixed.


  • A bug that led to FPS drops in Naval Battles due to the display of damage in the hit camera has been fixed.
  • Critical FPS drops (freezes) when flying over tank areas have been fixed.


  • A new HUD for the “Battle” ground mode has been added. Instead of a bar of team points, it shows the number of destroyed vehicles required for an instant victory, as well as the current number for each team. It also includes a mission timer, after which victory is awarded to the team with the most kills. The logic of the mission has not changed, but has just become more clear.
  • A bug where crew slots were hidden when the crew window was open due to a larger interface scale has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the game mode to change when creating a new vehicle preset has been fixed.
  • A bug where a squad invitation was not shown in the chat has been fixed.
  • The text color in the skill bonus tooltip in the statistics window has been changed for better readability.

PlayStation and Xbox

  • The inability to attach a tow hook has been fixed. (Report)

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Sorry for the impertinence, in addition to fixing these little things, it would be nice to also fix the ariete armor, don’t you think?
or rather it would at least be nice to know that you are working on fixing it…


Meanwhile if I scout an enemy, and then the enemy is killed 3 secs after the scout has ended, I get ZERO reward whatsoever (happened so many times). This seems very fair to not tweak any enemies killed within X secs after the scout wears off.


That’d likely be a major update thing, but yes the armor should be fixed… however Italy does have a consultant.

Are you kidding me? Another time you mention Ariete armor, but not actually fix its protection parameters, I don’t get these jokes.


For the ACM change, is that in nautical miles? Wasn’t it 19 km before or was it bugged (google says 10 nm is 18.5 km)?

Also, nice fix with the FPS stutters, they were infuriating

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Does this reward is not called “according to intelligence”? - “not by intelligence” sounds weird…

When are they going to fix the ATGMs? The ones that are guided by laser work quite poorly when you attack distant enemies, there are times that the missiles suddenly crash into the ground without meaning, and when you choose to use the ATGM launcher sight the missile does not It goes towards the center of the crosshairs.
It must be recognized that the change of gear of the ATGMs has largely destroyed them.

To anyone wondering, this fix makes stuff like T-80U and T-72 stop over-performing in their stabs.
Doesn’t impact NATO vehicles as much.


Yes, Gaijin is using its clever brain again, racking its brains to find a way to deprive the player of the benefits, previously the hit score, the engagement score, this time it is scout


I would also appreciate when the new bar shown for the crew ace-qualification could be disabled - it hides often a part of the “standard” crew-qualification bars

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The new battle display at the top center of the screen feels distracting. Every single time the clock ticks over my eye goes to it.

I would say remove the battle clock or allows us to change UI layout so that the players can move things to where it is more comfortable or maybe adjust it from center to top right where the screen spaces is “cleaner”.


That’s not what that means.

Unlike some other nations currently

Why we have this new arcade shooter like HUD? Is so distracting and useless with its animation.
Please give us a option to revert back to old one that was simple non intrusive and easy to glance over a second to know how the score is.

Also the scouting changes are unfair now will lead to less rewards for scouting witch is already small. All we wanted was fix to simple scout mechanic - so no more tank in sight and fail to scout.

Just Give us a option is all we ask for. Either disable battle mode completely or HUD.


What’s the difference? When you need to complete Dailies, you’ll have to stare at an enemy for a full minute without taking damage in order to get a real scout, which will result in either the player not being able to complete the mission quickly, or having to spend SL to change to another mission. This is the act of subtly depriving the player of his benefits.

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That’s not what that means.
It says “BEFORE the scouting” not after…

There’s nothing to fix. The Ariete always had bad armor.

Loader voice lines are still missing. There’s no audio indication from him after loading a shell. It’s completely absent. Can you please fix this? There’s already many bug reports confirming this issue.

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Please fix the IT-1 too. It is not able to repair when got hit from the ATGM. And cannot reload, either. The issue has been in the game for so long.

ПТУР ИТ-1 не ремонтируется // Gaijin.net // Issues

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