I see, snail could make the sources visible after validation so we would see them too. But let’s just wonder what kind of sources were provided 🤔


We don’t deserve to see it

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@Stona_WT I think the reporter should be required to put the title of their source in the report, so it can be verified and possibly refuted.


And when are they going to improve the precision of the 90mm cockerill cannon? Because it has horrendous precision even at 400 meters.

They should disclose the sources; it makes it seem untrustworthy like this.
Why to hide it anyway ? Anything used in WT needs to be declassified, right ?

Anyhow this change puts on paper the 2S6 on the ADATS level.


There might be an error, could you confirm that the AIM-9L was impacted by the changes to the proximity fuse of the Sidewinders as they are not mentioned in the It’s Fixed article

As for the AIM-9D, AIM-9G and AIM-9H, they begin guided flight earlier but activate the sensor a bit later now.

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Don’t see any mention of it going to 11.7 or atlest 11.3

Yeah, I’m not sure why they’ve done it like that.

Would make it a lot more convienent for everyone to see files uploaded at “Additional files for historical issues”.

is their any updates or rework coming for volumetric?

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There are several considerations, also including legal reasons why we can’t.

Not to mention many people visit archives, purchase books and sources themselves and do not wish for everyone and anyone to just download them freely without consent or permission.


Based on the following sources:

“Техника и оружие”, issue 5, 1996

“Современные амоходные зенитные установки”, by S.Ganin, A.Karpenko

“История создания и развития вооружения и военной техники ПВО сухопутных войски России”, Part 2, by S. Petukhov, I. Shestov

Historical sources attached to reports are not visible to other users. Only the original poster and staff can see them.


There are no legal issues limiting the inclusion of titles of sources in reports though. It’s the same as an author of a journal article including their sources at the bottom of the page.


FEEDBACK: We’re still in deep need of being able to launch either Chaffs OR Flares

This should have been added by now,…

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To avoid spreading unauthorized sources such as classified information, i guess? ^^"

It allows us to properly filter and prevent suspect sources yes, as well as any private sources the user may not wish to share.

Everyone is already free to do this. There are no restrictions there.


Thans for sharing.

This could be there right away, instedad of a link to “empty” report.

Still I struggle to find the 32G parameter in the second source (“Современные амоходные зенитные установки”, by S.Ganin, A.Karpenko), can someone help me out? thx

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just because you cant read cyrillic doesnt make it any less trustable

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AIM-9L too. It’s been added to the It’s Fixed article now.


In the modern age, with stuff like deepl, AI - Not understanding Cyrillic is not a problem. Nice try, though.

As if being in cyrillic would be the only reason, lol. Somebody tell Bulgarians


Here it is mentioned in Page 23:

После отделения двигателя маршевая ступень ЗУР продолжает полет по инерции. Средняя располагаемая перегрузка 18 единиц (максимальная перегрузка 32 единицы), что позволяет обеспечить поражение на встречных и догонных курсах целей, летящих со скоростью до 500 м/с и маневрирующихс перегрузкой 5…7 единиц.

After the engine separation, the SAM’s sustainer stage continues its flight by inertia. The average available overload is 18 units (maximum overload is 32 units), allowing the engagement of targets on head-on and pursuit courses flying at speeds of up to 500 m/s and maneuvering with an overload of 5 to 7 units.