It's fixed! №83

In this week’s It’s Fixed, we’ll be going over some of the main changes and fixes that we’ve been working on over the past 2 weeks. The entire list of fixes are in the provided Update notes at the bottom of this article. Thanks for all of your reports!

If you’ve found a bug that you’d like to report, you can do so on our community bug reporting platform.

Crew replenishment icon issues resolved!


The enemy has hit one of your ground vehicle crew members. Fortunately, a replacement can be found if you’re at a capture point, but it takes time. The crew replenishment indicator slowly circles around… but disappears. What? Yeah, we noticed this too.

For example, the indicator started from above zero, which was quite confusing. We’ve found what was causing this, and have fixed this bug!

Several missile systems see adjustments


In this week’s update, various guided missiles have received several corrections: both for aircraft, and those used by ground vehicles.

As for missile defense systems, the Chinese HN-6 has received a corrected model and rotation in flight, in addition to this, the Soviet 9M311 and 9M311M1 have had their autopilot redesigned and their maximum overload increased!

For aircraft missiles, the French/German HOT-3 has had its range increased, the Soviet R-13M1 now has the ability to slave the seeker to the radar, and its guided flight time has been increased. As for the AIM-9D, AIM-9G, AIM-9H, AIM-9L and AIM-9M they begin guided flight earlier but activate the sensor a bit later now.

We’ve made all of these changes after carefully checking the sources that you send us in your reports. Thank you for helping us make the game more authentic in this regard!

Grass now shows properly in aircraft battles


For those of you with higher spec PC’s that can afford to enjoy the game’s fuller graphics. At high settings, you can even see grass in dogfights, particularly during takeoff and landing.

However, after the “Kings of Battle” major update, grass started to disappear in air battles (maybe a lawn mower was used), even on maximum graphic settings. This bug didn’t manage to last for long though: we’ve found the reason for this issue, so now you can admire the beauty of War Thunder’s grass in aircraft battles just like before!

There’s more!

This week’s full list of changes and improvements can be found in the Update notes below. Briefly, the cluster selection window now shows which server clusters are best for you, in binocular mode text no longer overlaps on the status indicator and map, and now in-game update notes are displayed for players who have selected any language in the game!



Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted using our special service.


Any news on Red Top and SRAAM changes then?


Map rotation is completely destroyed after the addition of night battles option, please fix it!!!


There is a bug list about a mile long for the CR2. No fixes

SRAAM and Red Tops unusable for over a year. No fixes


If you DONT leave after 30 seconds, it looks like this. not even one duplicate in over 10 games.
Your issue is leaving after 30 seconds.

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Maybe if you dont play only ONE NATION in tanks you have the same issues, i check your replays and only play one antion with tanks and after one or two battles you play planes or ships thats why you dont suffer this problem. But i checked you replay and what a surprise you are stuck in the same maps when you play GRB:
Sinai, Kuban, Middle East x2 times and Sinai again:[keyword]=&Filter[nick]=Necronomica&Filter[statistic_group]=&action=search

I leave the battles before start, but even playing i have the same maps:

And here you have more people with the same issue, even after playing the maps

And this problem never happend before until the addition of night battles in to the MM.

i don’t see even one image in that entire thread that isn’t a “leave after 30 seconds” game.

Looks like you are in bad trolling attemp so i dont waste more time with you, bye.