• F-16A (all variants) — turn time at low speeds has been increased by 0.7 to 1s.
  • F-104 (all variants) — maximum speed near the ground and at medium altitudes has been increased by Mach ~0.1, and acceleration at supersonic speeds has been increased.
  • MiG-29SMT — engine name changed to RD-33 series 3.


  • The display of skill bonuses at 2560x1080 and 1920x1080 resolutions at 75% interface scale has been improved.
  • The skill bonus tooltip in the battle results screen now shows Research Points next to a vehicle name.
  • A “Select” button that could appear when hovering over a weapon in the 5th column in the modifications window has been removed.
  • A bug that caused gun status indicators to disappear when using binoculars after selecting a ship’s secondary weapon group has been fixed. (Report)


  • A bug that caused aircraft maps to not display grass on high graphics settings has been fixed. (Report)

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Finally the Mig29SMT gets the RD-33 S3 which DOES NOT lose aaaaany thrust when installed mentioned in it’s manuals so it MUST NOT LOSE ANY THRUST, AT ALL. Because not only they didn’t specify that but also makers of the engine and the mig aircraft are NOT STUPID to choke the engine. right?


In the latest announcement, the mig-29SMT seems to get RD-33-3, but I didn’t see this update in the game, it still shows RD-33, no matter which language is switched, it shows RD-33. I want to make sure that RD-33-3 is updated correctly into the game


And this is said where?

It’s not a choice

Hi thanks for your concern, we’re aware and it will be added shortly.


Mig29SMT declassified manuals


when is the “fix” for m735 shell?


You can find them in the Mig29 community thread, there you can find some. There is not a single one of them which mentions engine thrust loss after installing on the aircraft.

I done 9 RGB no night 😳 hope you guys can up the % of getting a night battle.

The option to turn it on is already there.

2 weeks and still no fix for the antialiasing bug…


I know it is i just think they can up the chanse to get a night battle up


Has anyone even gotten into a night battle? It seems like the chances of getting into one are less than hell freezing over.


when protection analysis calculator will be fixed it’s been broke seen very long time !!
and is their any buff for the LOSAT ?
also their is some bugs that i reported months ago and got knowledge but did not get any fixes :(

Just did a game in the F104A to try it out, and first game got 7 kills and 1 assist with my whole team dead within the first 5 mins, and clutched up a 7 v 1 at the end of the game. This was my first game back playing it after 3 months. This was a 9.7 game, I can share the replay if needed.

I see no reason it should not go to 9.7.

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Now if everyone else could fly it properly like you did then it would go up. Unfortunately, the majority are going to still try to use it as a turn fighter.

Glad to see the bug that made gun status in naval get squished.
That bug was obnoxious and I’m glad to see it gone.

Low speed turn speed for the f16 increased? what does that even mean? a buff or a nerf lol