nerf lmao, the time to complete a circle at low speeds has been increased by 200%


Currently in game I see the Mig-29G with the RD-33 ver 2 engines, However the Mig-29SMT engines are still not updated in its text.

Additionally the Mig-29 Engines in general are still nerfed. They’re supposed to produce 81KN After Burning thrust yet we’re still stuck with 68KN. When will the RD-33 engines be un nerfed? The Mig-29 is performing way below average in dogfights against vehicles that realistically struggled to do 1 Circle Dogfights with the Mig-29.


Is just a X-Ray name issue, the updated performance is already in the game.

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A NATO fellow war thunder player would say:
First time?

Also a fellow German main would say:

FW-190 cannot climb with WEP because a random dude in bug reports said so, so it must be truth

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What about the engine thrust being so weak compared to the real life counter part?

Real Time War Thunder information says suggests that. The Static thrust of the Mig-29 is 6,600 - 6,700 kgf, Which is completely incorrect. 8,200 - 8,300 kgf is the true static thrust that the Mig-29 RD-33 engines can produce. For god sake even DCS figured something as simple as this.

There where many reports sent to the devs about this, but they never gave a proper reason as to why the Mig-29 engines are nerfed, just silence.

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gaijin where is night battles. no one had 1 game on it

War Thunder uses installed thrust.
A jet engine in a test cell will produce more thrust than a installed engine in a plane due to intake losses etc.
That is why the difference in thrust between manufacturer specified thrust and installed thrust.
Normally is between 10-15% of thrust lost, every jet in the game is affected by this.

Sooooo we gonna move that F-104A/C up yet? Because they are pretty nutty.

So I’m assuming that AOA performance is just lacking then, since the Mig-29s is stated to have a sustained turn rate of about 25 degrees and an instantaneous turn rate of 28 degrees a second.

The Mig-29 is able to out dog fight an F-16 in a one circle but then struggles to compete in a Rate fight. In war thunder the Mig-29 isn’t even close to as competitive as Reported from multiple Tests / Mock Dogfights and performances done irl.


Well, then use a bug report like you’re supposed to and maybe if it’s a bug, it will get fixed.

Though I highly doubt the trustworthiness of any tests that come from specific side, so I would be disappointed if it will get accepted as a source

Trust me, you don’t have to tell me what to do.

Mig-29 AOA problem has already been submitted as a bug / historical report by other people and the only thing Gaijin technicians said is that “we’re looking into it”. My previous message was all about confirming if they’ve figured it out yet (or if not what was the conclusion)


You broke my F16c. The damn thing dont turn anymore

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Link me the report and I might be able to give an answer.

The original bug report that I’ve looked into (heavily detailed report) is gone since apparently it has been denied and the thread was removed.

However I have another report that I’ve read extensively into that sheds light on the performances of all Mig-29 aircrafts and how they compare to their F-16 counter parts.

Its a mouth full, however you only need to focus on the relevant vehicles we currently have in the game.
In my honest opinion after looking into countless documentaries and looking at extensive breakdowns between the F-16 and the Mig-29. What I’ve been saying is that the F-16 variants and the Mig-29 variants should have an equal dogfight skill set / strategies. One Circle / 2 Circle / Rate Fighting Strategies. Currently the F-16s out performs all Mig-29s in all categories because apparently in game its turn radius is far sharper then the Mig-29s even though realistically the F-16 was a better rate fighter then a One circle fighter against the Mig-29 (The Mig-29 could turn inside the F-16s Circle).

Either way that is all I have to say.


Clearly you didn’t see the F-16 getting it’s Turn rate nerfed.

Details happen to be important, just like overall awareness.

Clearly you don’t see that this nerf is almost nothing, and that the Mig-29s AOA is still heavily nerfed?

I was making these posts with the “F-16 getting it’s Turn rate nerfed” part already in mind, It doesn’t change much, the F-16 still dumpsters the mig-29 when irl performance suggests otherwise. The Performances should be at parody not a one sided slam.


I get the feeling the MIG29 got the drag nerf to purposefully shift to F-16 dominance in order to quell discord in the community before the next release of a Soviet Air superiority fighter, maybe in December? Either that, or to boost the desire for people to pay their way down F-16 lines.

We all realize that the nerf to the 29s FM is not historical.

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I got the feeling than the 2 top dog aircrafts are currently getting themselves way over EVERY OTHER Native aircrafts,…

Therefore, we don’t care that Both F-16 or MiG-29 are nerfed, since you already overcome anything else.

And btw,… most of those nerfs are made in order to make you able not to ditch the plane in the ground, going in unrecoverable inverted flat spin,…

If you really want true maneuvrability, go in Simulator mode.

Tell the other nations to build more aircrafts then. (Jokes aside, your update is coming soon)

Incorrect, Sustained / Instantaneous Maneuverability is done without instabilities to the aircraft like 20 / 24 / 25 / 28 / 30 Degrees with medium to medium high speed in mind ( Instead of pulling 60 Degrees of AOA to force a flap spin), meaning Gaijin always has the ability to buff turn rates / aoa of aircrafts in a realistic setting without making the aircraft go unstable. This is because Realistic as a Setting has many parameters kept the aircraft sustained turn rates in check in order to restrict many factors that would allow an aircraft to make itself go out of control (This feature is known as the Instructor / non simulator settings).

That being said, The Mig-29 received many AOA nerfs (I know of 2 nerfs) in the past. This means that the aircraft can easily have a higher AOA and handle it easily (Since the Instructor exists), What Gaijin is doing here is completely artificial and could easily be fixed.

a 30% nerf isn’t ‘nothing’.

As for your opinion about the F-16 v MiG-29, in both DCS (your choice of going there first) and ‘IRL’ (pointing to the F-16C v MiG29 in the early 90s). The F-16C should absolutely dominate the MiG-29 over 200knots in a two-circle, the biggest issue they had was the archer missile, not the airframe itself.

“…over 300knots the F-16 will get it’s nose around faster than the MiG-29 can” comes to mind, while noting that under 200knots the MiG-29 had a similar rate, and better acceleration than the F-18.

Two circle fights are a function of Turn Rate to my understanding, parody isn’t exactly what the match is given the F-16C can do that to majority of Gen 4 aircraft out there. This being said, expecting Gaijin to have an accurate flight model is a bit of a farce given the instructor allows airframes to do things that the airframe in question could never achieve (Glaring at you A6M). Thus the question comes to gameplay balance and to be honest…lot more people are going to be far more angry if you pitched the MiG-29SMT as it is against the F-16C without a helmet mounted sight and 9Ps.

Not always the biggest fan of this but, most people seem to enjoy US Jets (casual glancing at queue numbers, not hard data don’t murder me) so no point in overly upsetting them given that the Ground game is completely Russian dominance (at least as far as I knew 3-6months ago, don’t do the high end tank game much anymore)