A message from the War Thunder Team regarding the LOSAT

Hey everyone. We have noticed many of you have been testing as well as playing with the new Tokushu Heiki reward vehicles. We realize that the LOSAT has several issues which have been challenging to fix due to its unique nature. Rest assured, we are working hard to fix them with several bug fixes coming for it today, as well as in upcoming updates. We would like to sincerely apologize that we released this vehicle in a state that is not satisfactory to all. Unfortunately, our existing testing procedures proved to be insufficient in this case. We are as equally disappointed about this as you are.

As a result of this, we are going to put new measures in place which will help reduce the chance of this occurring in the future. We'll recheck and fine-tune our existing testing procedures to make sure we spend extra time and effort on testing unique vehicles that may not easily fit into the game. These measures will mean that when you participate and dedicate your time to these events, you will receive your hard-earned vehicles as bug-free as possible.

Thank you and see you soon.


  • LOSAT — a bug that prevented missile damage to aircraft has been fixed.
  • LOSAT — a bug where missiles could not destroy destructible objects on maps has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused air-to-ground missiles and unguided rockets to lose pressure damage has been fixed. (Report)
  • A bug that caused ATGMs and SAMs with a semi-automatic guidance system (SACLOS) to twitch in the air in multiplayer games, making it difficult to aim at long distances has been fixed. This was especially noticeable on LOSAT due to the high speed of the rocket.
  • A bug that made it possible to launch R-27ER missiles via IRST has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused destruction in the Protection Analysis to not be detailed on higher-end AMD cards has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused heat sources to be visible in thermal imagers through clouds has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the Hungarian flag to be missing from the list of ship flags has been fixed.
  • The requirements for obtaining the “Finnish Air Force Roundel” decal have been aligned with what vehicles it can be used on. This decal can be used and obtained using Swedish vehicles.
  • KF41 — a bug causing fired shells to not align with the crosshair has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


KF41 APS still not functioning. anyone even tests any vehicles before release??


Given the farce of the bendy trees, weird colours, etc. etc. it seems fair to say that ‘No.’ is the answer. I don’t recall QA being so bad five years back.




“Unfortunately, our existing testing procedures proved to be insufficient in this case” in almost every case more like it, is there any internal testing done at all past the most basic because it seems to be all left up to the players to do it for you for free, sim rendering still game breakingly buged since release of the major update and not a word about expected fix time, absolutely unacceptable the state some things are being released in and left in


Reduce the grind of the event , its driving people insane just to grind semi-useless bugged vehicles


they cant
it would make it way to easy for bot accounts and simulator squads


you forgot Maverick

Gepard 1A2 modification fix when?


Not a surprise that the quality of your work has gone downhill; it’s pretty indicative of the way things have been going. Now, on to my point:

Did you not listen to any feedback on the map reworks? I’ve only had the absolute displeasure of playing Poland, Fields of Poland, American Desert, and Normandy, but the map changes are awful. You literally decided to flatten the maps in order to make them more spawn-campable and bland. Really poor decision making.


The LOSAT missiles sill get stopped on every single tree in the game regardless of size.

Just make this thing 8.7 until it can actually be used on more then 1 map in the entire game.


Question, now that the losat is fixed when will the qn506s ammo rack blowout panels not working correctly be fixed, it is a known bug and you have said it is so. Thanks.


So, does this mean that you’re finally creating a proper and competent QA team??? If yes then I hope you’ll use them for testing everything new (like them trees for example), not just unique vehicles…


Well on the plus side that’s fixed now,.
All it took after months of being broken is a shiny new toy people can spend money on who weren’t due to it’s brokenness.


The solution here is to try and solve the botting problem—you know, the root cause—not fight its symptoms with useless measures like this (making it harder to sell materials, increasing the grind). This is simply terrible for all real players, bots don’t care how much they need to “grind” in the end, they’ve got more than enough time in a day.

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Of course they test things - but compared to the numbers of players who will use something within the first 24 hrs of release they can only do a small amount of testing and often don’t capture everything - especially with something that introduces a new system.

Probably because your comment is complete nonsense, insulting, and “challenging”.

Oh dear - some sensitive soul thinks this should be hidden!!


Perhaps try being constructive instead of being hyperbolic and making statements that are obviously impossibly untrue. “NEVER testing” just makes you sound immature. Go ahead and complain, but use the thing between your ears more. If you are so pissed off that you can’t say anything logical, rational, or constructive, save it as a draft and come back later. You are not helping by posting nonsense.

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Honestly gaijin i wish you left sam missiles and atgms alone, the recent update where you changed to an apparently (more realistic) flight model has essentially nullified most atgm carriers and SAM systems in game. This knock of effect has made cas in top tiers even more excessive thanks to it being relatively unchallenged from ground based systems, as for atgm carriers unless its the IT1, marder or the occasional Bradley/bmp i simply don’t see them in games anymore and from my personal experience I’d simply put it down to the poor missile mechanics. If this LOSAT event vehicle was released in such a broken mess after your original testing it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if you found a long list of faults with the recent missile changes as a whole. I’d be willing to best there was absolutely minimal testing on the roland systems because they are absolutely woeful. I can only hope that your future testing is alot better than recent.

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Super etendard missing SAS modes in simulator battles

Gaijin only has a skeleton QA team and relies heavily on player reports. Thing is, they don’t have nearly enough staff to handle all the bug reports coming out daily.

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And when they open the dev server for testing, all people do is go there to use the gold, and play with vehicles they’re wanting to get in the future…

Most hardly test or report.

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