They get masses reports from the live server every day. Basically plenty enough.


What are gaijin’s criteria and priority for fixing bugs?
The VBM camera bug has not been fixed for more than three months, but the KF41 gunners bug has been fixed.
Meanwhile other KF41 bugs were largely ignored 。
None of the bugs that have been confirmed in the test server have been fixed.
LOSAT Some BUGs were confirmed and fixed within five working days.
When will you consider deleting tanks below Turan 3 from the Hungarian technology tree?
By the way, do you have any official personnel who have played with KF41? What kind of theory did you use to put it in 10.7BR?

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Gepard 1A2 stinger bug is still not fixed yet?
Why do you refuse to fix the bugs that are months old!?



Cant you read this???

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Mate I’ve got a bug report from a year ago that still hasn’t been fixed, the fix would simply be a case of adding an ammunition type they previously removed from the vehicle… Done


Yet the dev server is for this testing that people proclaim hasn’t been done…

I’m still waiting for the fim92k to je fix on the gépard 1a2


Never, atleast from the current lock at it, not in the next 2 years…

Numbers of staff and money would b e my assumption.

You know - stuff that matters in the real world.

Dunno - I’m not a tester. I know people who do test software for a living - they do tell me that they run hundred or thousands of iterations on even relatively linear and simple systems like financial management, and bugs still get through.

You do not have the right of free speech in private forums - not even in the west.

Then you should become better acquainted with the forum rules!


I say this as someone who has played off and on for a very long time (partially cause of times the testing has really failed), who has played a competing game that sort of does it - and that I was a tester for, and as someone that was going to school for game and simulation design - why the hell don’t you have a proper public test server? I’ve seen mention of this ‘dev’ server where basically all the new stuff is still locked to the general public, which defeats the purpose of what I’m talking about. I mean a proper server, that runs for x number of days not fixed times, in which as players can/will they can jump online and attempt to test out things, both to give you quantifiable data on usage and performance, as well as (ideally) better contextual data and what it is like from the player perspective across all skill levels so that you can get the balance so it performs the way it should in the hands of the majority of the player base. That other game did well when it actually had public testing that happened when events weren’t going and they actually listened to the players - all of them. Something that started to cripple it was ignoring player feedback or only listening to the high spenders/top tier players, over-reliance on spreadsheet data, and something I very much see here - having too many events back, to back, to back, or at the same time which leaves no opening for a lot of players to test, especially with just how insanely grindy you have made a lot of these events recently and even some of the battlepass missions (seriously - 30 kills at 30 kmh or more, makes sense for something like the Abrams but less so for those of us still in the range of M4 Shermans and all or who have access to light tanks that can’t exactly fight anything that isn’t another light tank, or my favourite having to destroy player ground/water vehicles with insane range gaps or speeds that can only logically work with jets).

This is something that seems to be a thing in a lot of major games, really an industry problem, that is honestly getting on my nerves and making it I don’t even want to play any of these games, let alone spend money on them. It’s like the idea is ‘well we do just enough testing to make sure it basically works and then wait for the community to rip it apart and find 1000 bugs that we just patch later hopefully’ as well as ‘events all the time so even with public testing no one will do it and we can blame them not testing’. Put a bit of a gap between BP seasons, with no other events, of lets just say a week or two even, with a proper public test server that we can all easily download with no other crazy things like needing to save copies of data or whatever where we just sign in, and you give us access to resources so we can test the new vehicles and what not, and actually give feedback on top of the data collection, and maybe release the BP with the major update instead of in the middle of it. if you know it’ll be be two BP’s between updates - then okay, I’d still say a break of some kind is better but have your back to back grind fests, but you seriously need a better way to get the public involved in the testing that isn’t releasing something to live, and then we have to come back here and complain a ton, instead of minimally.


Say when is World War Opening and the Halloween event?

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I don’t think Gaijin even employs such people really. I’d say about 2-3 staff with full autonomy across all languages.

If you really want to fix a missile fix the VT1