I dont know what im doing wrong but in like 48 out of 50 games i always get uptiered and its starting to get frustarating because its been happening for more then a year is it because i have done too great in games witch i find wierd because i mostly get 1 or 2 kills per game or is it just sum wierd game thing?

You need to know how uptiers work in order to understand this.

A maximum of 4 players per team can be top BR in any one match. Since we play 16vs16 (usually), that means we all equally have a 75% chance of being uptiered.

That’s a baseline. Things like player distribution across BRs, popularity of certain vehicles, being in a squad or not etc, can alter this percentage.

The interesting thing about this, though, is that 12 players (or more) on the enemy team will not be top BR. So in 0.3 and 0.7 uptiers, you will actually meet enemies at or around your BR most of the time, and even someone with lower BRs than you. It’s only when you’re in a full uptier that you need to be really careful about which vehicle you spawn in, and what you do. Even then, some of my best matches have been full uptiers.

It’s a psychological thing. Look past it, and your experience with the game will be much better. All you need to care for when it comes to uptiers and downtiers is decide what to spawn and predict what enemies you might encounter.


The worst is i just switched to germany because i didnt like the ussr tank no more and i just got a tiger and every other tank for me is 3.3-3.7 and now i have a tiger at 5.7 and get uptiered to 6.7 im guessing because the games have nukes so i cant rlly ignore it since once i get killed im facing a t44 with a panzer 4 h hahha

Having a well rounded lineup will make your matches much better, regardless if it’s an uptier or not.


Like my good friend Motorola said: work on your lineups. And don’t move up until you feel in command of the previous lineup. I made the mistake of rushing through the ranks when I first started, and trust me, no newly unlocked tank will magically make you good at the game.

For reference, this is what my 5.3 and 5.7 lineups look like.


alr will work on that then tnx

It’s not 75%, it’s like 60%.

Keep in mind that when you’re in a 6.0 tank and the top person in the match is 6.3, that is NOT an “uptier”, that is a downtier (“soft downtier”, “half downtier” whatever). Because far more people in the match are DOWN in tier from you than there are people UP in tier from you.

More people down than up = unambiguously downtier. You have an advantage versus the average person in the match.

When the match goes up to 6.7 while you’re at 6.0, that is when it first begins to be an uptier, because it’s the first time you are at a dis-advantage versus the average person in the match.

Sorry, I guess I could have worded it more clearly by saying that we have a baseline 25% chance to be top BR/fully downtiered.

Actually, I have a simpler solution.
When I notice that WG starts to consistently uptier me, I am pressing “Alt+F4” and switch to World of Warships. In WoWs, when you are uptiered, you at least have a chance to penetrate opponent’s armor - so the game is definitely more fun and engaging than War Thunder. The maps are also larger. So, unlike WT with its ever-shrinking maps where you are mostly limited to a head-on collision, in WoWs you have more variety in gameplay.
An indirect benefit is that I definitely waste less time playing video games.
The bottom line: if Gajin is happy with their revenue and user base, and doesn’t care to increase it [from a laughable $26 mln] - I’m happy for them.

2.3 billion Rubles for even more accuracy, I stated something about this in a recent post. (A 1lbs loaf of bread costs 42 rubles if that helps perspective it)