Unwelcome addition to the UI

How do I remove this? It is ugly and distracting. If I wanted this sort of cartoony bs id play World of Tanks.


It’s the new UI for the battle mode in ground battles. You can’t turn it off. It’s not present in the domination and conquest modes, only in the battle modes.

Ok I will just leave those games then.


That’s not how War Thunder works. When playing ground battles you can either get put in a conquest map, a domination map, or a battle map. Battle is the one with 2 points and to win you capture the other point. On battle maps, this is the new UI.

Maybe he will quit these matches than…, in my opinion this new UI style is negative for the game play and lead to even more quits during the match

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I don’t not like it, but I hate the stupid animations that are in there, makes it look like WoT or some other random cheap-ass mobile game.

Then again guess it fits with the idea of the target audience :/

Yeah, I also very much dislike it.

I like that the information is presented so that people finally understand what the point of that mode is now (60 kills OR double cap). The way they display it is kinda meh, I agree.


It’s awful and it just doesn’t align with War Thunder’s theme and tone, it should be reverted or changed for something more down to earth so that it doesn’t look like straight out of TF2’s UI.

Just makes it very obvious when you no longer need to respawn.

And doesn’t even seem it adjusts to custom colors either and they picked some random color instead.

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Yeah, and you can always leave if you don’t like map or game mode.

Best thing about having multiple nations

Would have been better if they just added the point ticket bar with a subtle number icon below it. Still noticeable but less distracting.

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Im not sure in what reality you exist, but if I join a game and it turns out to be a mode I hate or a map I dislike…Im gonna leave that game.

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If you want to discuss UI changes, please use already created thread.