Until you are able to model multi system anti aircraft CAS needs to be disabled 10.3+

Ground is currently not ground. It is Air. The mode is mislabeled and should be edited.

There is more to WT than 10.3+. So much more.

WT pushing past the scope of its original format is not news.

No thanks, CAS is fun.

It might be a bit rediculus but hey CAS could be limited in some ways

So should heavies in uptiers, spgs, lights, low level players, etc. They all effect the matches negatively.

You are the worst kind of person to play GRB against

Yep, but only if your team is all unable to play easy CAP and stop the supposed CAS. Combat in game IS fun, but becomes less so if players don’t engage with the game and learn to play it.

Anything unchecked results in poor results and less fun.

Bit harsh, but alright.

Yes, but just because You can play below that B.R. doesn’t mean we should not care about it

Yeah, I got distracted by the comment and ignored the particular request of the Title.

“The mode is mislabeled and should be edited.” does not carry the same weight at certain points of the game. I get the point but for the most part ground IS ground (in terms of why we have the mode called Ground even though planes (and helicopters) are used too).