Unsportsmanlike and rude behavior

On November 28, 2023, the commander of the HATFU squadron, nicknamed BARWINEK, hacked into the account of one of our commanders and deleted us, the SHIFU squadron, over 90% of the players, i.e. about 100 people who were very discouraged from playing the game. This was very carefully and deliberately planned with the acceptance and consent of the rest of the players from his squadron, because after the incident he announced to them on his messenger, "The action with 30 pieces of silver was carried out successfully. I hope that such behavior will not be ignored by the GAIJDZIN compan

If you wish to get the squadron back and have any form of proof id reckon you contact support.

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Sonia (Gaijin)

Nov 30, 2023, 10:01 GMT+3


Thank you for contacting Gaijin Customer Support.

Please note, you selected the category “Star Conflict”, but based on the screenshot you are talking about War Thunder.

Unfortunately, our Customer Support is not engaged in any investigations of in-game violations and doesn’t penalize violators but in such situation, you should contact our GMs:

Best regards,

Support Specialist (ISL)
Gaijin Support Team

is their proof he did this if so the guy should have gotten a email stateing someone logged into his account with a location

It probably was, but after the whole incident he left our squadron and transferred it to his new squadron, so I won’t find out.

Why are you posting this here? You only present an accusation with no actual evidence to follow-up on. The forum admins will simply close this after some possibly entertaining back-and-forth.

I’ll get my popcorn …

so what wrong with it looks like your squadron is still up so A your capping or B what you said is wrong and your commander removed the people and lied about someone hacking his account idk which one it is but don’t try to get attention like this its not the best way


I can provide more screenshots of this proof, but I don’t want to clutter up the server

you just posted something i can’t read

Ok, I’ll leave it alone for now, I’ll wait for further developments.

It says the player D_E_S_E_R_T_91 kicked a whole lot of the squadron out in the space of a couple minutes.

now looking into it this stuff is true as the join date of D_E_S_E_R_T_91 is 28th of November 2023 in HATFU which means this needs to be taken to the support team