Unrewarding RP in Heli PvE

The RP gain in Heli PvE is unbearable, just over an hour doing the best I could (top of the board) with premium account and yet I only unlock one module. The Mi-24V took me a month to spade playing a hour every match once a day, I don’t even want to try grind the Mi-8 at this rate.

Unlike other game modes, you could unlock 2-4 modules in one hour with that same score. How is anyone supposed to efficiently unlock helicopters without paying instantly for the premiums? It doesn’t help that AI units like gepards can easily snipe early helis, or spawn under you without warning, let alone the useless air targets that nothing can hit until you get a Heli with AAMs, But it is nice the Roland’s have been removed allowing base bombing but only 4-5 bases spawn before disappearing entirely

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There is softcap on RP sadly,not really allowing more than 20-25k RP for an hour and half long game.


Also worth mentioning that dying before the “useful actions” intervals in-game (around every 10-15 mins) reduces your RP/SL gains. Adds up when you die and respawn a lot. Nowadays I mostly go for bases when I’m playing low tier/stock helis and only start killing ground targets once they stop respawning. Way safer that way and you still get a majority of the rewards without doing a whole lot (getting above 250-300 points every “useful actions” interval gets diminishing returns) Also using big RP boosters (200% minimum) helps a lot.

Helicopter grinds in general are just a massive chore, and there’s not really a viable way to grind apart from just ticking the checkbox and grinding with tanks. Personally though I find PvE to at least be consistent in terms of earnings, though that’s probably down to my own skill issue in GRB lol

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