Unrealistic Spikes on Freccia

If a missle is fired on a target in an arc the missle becomes a LOS that is much better than the positon it was fired from so i dont understand why a spike explodes in midair after successfully locked on a target that isnt moving at all, even if it would move behind cover and the gunner loses sight on it the missle wouldnt due it elevated view down on that target. thats completly crap using spikes at all with this…i´d rather play lottery insteat using them…

Are you sure they aren’t hitting anything?

if it explodes in midair good bet someone is using a tank with Active Protective System which can cause that to happen

u are aware that is specific to all F&F missles and not the ones one the freccia specialy right?

atm i grind freccia so i dont know

nope, its leos 2a4, t80s and other stuff. i have myself merkava and knwo about active protecition.

yea its apearently absolutly random. free lne of sight, no bushes or such, just the tank behind a hill or rock obscured to my heat seeker and after its launches it just explodes half the way very orften without even the tank is moving. Of course i move myself after launch to get cover again and break my LOS but it shouldnt matter after the missle is mid air.

Gaijin’s implementation of fire and forget missiles is currently “beta”.

QN506 was the first test puppy and it was atrocious. Now it’s Italy’s turn to suffer.

Gaijin needs to rework how most ATGMs work in this game but that requires time and effort. We’ll see how long it takes them.


QN506, FK41 and freccia all suffer from this. The code for the missile tracking is 1 = 1 the same for them, and in the KF41s case the missile is just wrong one with missing features.

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Imo it’s smth fishy in Gaijin’s netcode and rendering.
If the missile looses lock, it will explode. That’s Gaijin’s default logic & implementation for those missiles as well as the TV Guided AGM-65’s.

Happened to me a lot, when playing against high ping players (most of the time Chinese ones).

Sometimes, not a single AGM-65B fired from ~6-7km at a stationary AA connects, instead it’ll explode mid air…

Additionally, in recent months, their servers are bad as F and will render Tanks “inside/under the ground” wich will cause the lock to break (and the missile to explode) too.

Happened to me yesterday, while throwing GBU-12’s at 4-6km height.

Lost lock several times, due to tanks getting invisible and driving under the terrain.

In those instances, TV guided missiles will simply explode.

E-Sport ready…

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e-sport ready…i agree. was wondering last year already how this game can be e-sport ready…