Unpopular Opinion: The game is in the best place it's ever been...almost

To put it mildly, this update is amazing. QOL improvements were spot on as ordered, the expansion into active radar missiles is so cool, and what we dreamed of years ago. I’m even a fan of the new sounds. There are plenty of bugs that need worked out, (LOOKING AT YOU COUNTERMEASURES GUY), BUT, overall, this game is so freaking cool right now! I just want the devs to know that there are some out there that love and appreciate what they do, and hope they keep up the amazing work! Since were talking about dreams, I’d like to add that a lot of the community wants enduring confrontation in realistic mode for air battles, the ability to disable parts of the instructor in realistic mode like in helicopters, IE auto roll mode, and for the ability to have progressive rudder control in air RB! Add it to the roadmap!


If you don’t play top tier air, nearly nothing changed. It is incredibly meh, and not particularly interesting if you don’t play top tier air. The new crew UI looks dated, and the weapons switch feature is annoying and clutters the screen.

However, WT is currently better than it was 2-3 years ago. The compression is less (at certain BRs), repair costs are a non-issue now, and there is much less of a stock grind for certain vehicles. But, it isn’t all good, and WT can be so much better.


The thing I sometimes have to remind myself is that I’m so hard on this game because I think its amazing and want it to do well. Which is why it sucks when they don’t do something good… but equally is why its awesome when they do.

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Asian parenting in a nutshell


I like the thought behind the need to move crew around and the drag and drop everything but the implementation is quite awkward, it’s features stacked on top of other features. I keep clicking the button to swap crew places when I just want to change vehicle…I’ll probably get over it with enough time and memory, but yeah it feels clunky right now.

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The fact that you can’t use full WEP, whilst pitching, or rolling on default controls is wild.

And if you roll left, you better be ready to figure out what’s going on…

You simply enjoy the game too much. You need to read this forum more so you can ruin your experience


Damn, well I guess that the game is in this state because some players like 750k pts for events vehicles and un-countered stuff like kh-29te.
Also air stock grind, 2 aim9 for the f15 is beautiful oh and not forget the new premium flood 1 death players lvl 5
Almost forgot all the copy paste and the all nations team vs all nations team, just amazing

QOL improvements were spot on as ordered

What improvements?

The game might be fun if you’re a wallet warrior and you instantly unlocked the missiles, it sucks for everyone else and the rest of the game is completely unchanged for those who don’t play top tier.


What even is the point of this? Crew #1 already show on the bar, level 87, already shown on the bar, qualification expert, already shown on the bar… the only bit of value is the XP points, which could have easily replaced the crew # because who cares about that, pointless.

And then to get this thing, despite not having enough points to actually upgrade a stat.


The whole backup thing is entirely unnecessary as you can activate them in game, yet the whole bar is dedicated purely to it.


It’s even worse in game.

But I guess that’s what you get when people who design things for the game don’t actually play it.

Plenty, but seeing as your entire reason to exist on this forum seems to be to yell about things, I’m not sure making a list would be worth my time…


Well, feel free to change my mind then, or don’t.

As someone who almost exclusively plays rank 3-4 tanks, these updates don’t bring much to my experience. I find more gets broken than is fixed, and the changes that are made don’t improve the quality of the game. Wow, worse audio and random changes to maps that cause frustrations rather than fix issues. Thanks so much devs! I’d rather you leave shit alone and fix what’s broken…like how the map rotation can have you playing the same maps over and over, back to back, for what feels like a week, or longer–yet maps you enjoy playing aren’t seen for many months. I’ve played Sweden, Seversk-13 and North Holland so often, I wouldn’t miss them if I don’t seem them for the rest of the year.


It was AWESOME. Till they removed the new explosion sounds and the missile launch sound.

No the immersion is again ZERO.

So sad

Game is at it’s best?
My dude I’ve been playing for years upon years and have never seen powercreep this crazy at top tier since the T-2 dropped .
Otherwise though? The game has not moved anywhere, this update adds nothing but top tiers and copypasta for the most part ( yes the new top tier planes are mostly just CnP with ARH missiles)

I do see the value in this since Crew # is the only way for you to recognize what crew is what, especially after you rearrange them for convenience or different game modes. So you might move Crew from Slot 4 to Slot 1 but you can still know who the crew and their assigned vehicles are with the crew names being Crew #4, Crew #1, Crew #2, etc.

But aside from this, yeah, there’s a lot of redundant information.

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I’m not sure why that matters, if I swap crew 1 and crew 4, I don’t know why I would need to keep track that it once was crew 1.

But either way I’d rather see the crew points rather than the crew number as an actual useful bit of information, but despite all these useless changes they still don’t show the one thing that would’ve been useful to see.

Because the vehicles are still tied to the crew, so let’s say you got attacker planes set to Crew 4 for Air Arcade but you want to move it to the first Slot for Ground Realistic, you don’t want to accidentally assign a fighter onto it on accident when your fighter optimized crew is actually Crew 1 (currently sitting in Slot 2).


But I don’t see why you’d want to move them around in the first place, and if I want my crew 4 to become crew 1, I don’t need to be reminded that it’s crew 4 forever, plus if you put on the wrong vehicle the crew level will show or it would require crew training.

True for vehicle you already unlocked and assigned a crew to, but not for new unlocks though. As for why you need to move 'em around…it’s one of those features people asked for I guess.