Unnecessary updates?

So gaijin make the new crew model for open-top vehicles,happy to see that.But they all wearing black panzer wraps?even that car look like belong Artillerie or Luftwaffe?
Anyway,I almost,never to see any black uniform guys driving these open-top vehicle in history.


If you google various tank names and crew, you’ll see a lot.

sdkfz 263 crew showed a lot.

Tiger H1 crew historical showed a few.

SPAA and SPG (the game’s overwhelming majority of open topped vehicles that expose their) crews were members of the Luftwaffe and the Wehrmacht artillery branch and had separate uniforms from the Panzer Corps that the new models are wearing.

As typical when Gaijin “improves” something, they don’t get it quite right.

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But at least they’re trying?

You could highlight the differentiation, but it’s a good move to make them better.


Always careless um,gaijin

I am happy for reworked crews and updated models. Keeps hope up for the future. Just make a report in suggestions and I am sure it will be changed.