Unless ODL is punished Crew Lock should not be enabled

Punishing users for taking multiple vehicles while allowing players with one vehicle to leave as they please is a shining beacon of Gaijin’s hypocrisy.


You dont end up with crew lock unless you leave battle super early. Why are you ending battles super early?

Don’t think that’s the point here.

You don’t end up with crew lock if you have only one vehicle on your bar and you leave after dying.

If I have 3 vehicles and play out 8 minutes of battle and leave I get crew lock for the remaining minute on my third vehicle despite staying in the battle for 4-6 minutes longer depending on ODL’s life.

It’s asinine.

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So you dont like ODLs but you dont spawn all your vehicles either and end up crewlocked. Nice.

He’s complaining about the treatment disparity. And quite rightly, because it’s hypocritical. Either you punish all ODL or don’t punish ODL. There is no reason why one-vehicle lineups should exempt you from crew lock.

That’s if you’re talking about fairness. You then of course have to consider that ugly compromises are the norm with MMOs.

If you’re Gaijin, you can’t outlaw one-vehicle lineups because they are needed for premium users who buy their way into the tech tree and you don’t want to damage that income stream.

And if you’re Gaijin, you want to restrict player behaviour from doing stuff like quitting matches en masse based on whatever perception is doing the rounds at any given time, because you want to keep an even population across matches and queue times.

So this patchwork solution is what we get. But it’s still hypocritical.


Does anyone?

I use it when I’m grinding modifications or playing for tasks occasionally. It’s a fact of the game.

Whereas ODL players don’t, hence my major complaint as laid out by @AurenKarach . I don’t necessarily think ODL should be removed either and it certainly won’t be without a major rework to the premium vehicle system. I just don’t enjoy being punished for having a full lineup whereas without a full lineup I wouldn’t be punished.

You are punished for not spawning full lineup, not for having full lineup.

Only hypocritical thing is player who hate ODLs but then end up in crewlock because he left the battle after spawning only one/two vehicles from his lineup.

Yeah, he should just remove vehicles from his lineup so he can avoid crew lock…

You are punished for having a lineup. You are crew restricted for not playing vehicles that you brought in.

Do you have any opinion on the validity of ODLs or defense of them or are you just placing blame on the player for playing the game?

TBh even if they start punishing ODL i’ll still ODL, i’ll just switch nations during the lock, i have top tier in every nation/every mode and when i want to play something i want to play THAT one thing, not have it get revenge CAS’d and being forced to use something i dont want for the next 10 minutes for exemple…

Which is what I currently do during crew lock. It’s just annoying that one is completely allowed while the other is punished. There’s just no logical reasoning for it.

Actually since i’m not even grinding anymore bar latest additions i might even stop playing entirelly if they do that, as i said i usually have an urge to enjoy one specific vehicule at a time… And if the game activelly prohibits me from doing so…

the crew lock feature doesnt make a whole lot of sense, i get 10 min crewlocks when gaijin hampter dies and my planes goes boom boom out of gaijinness

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There has to be some measure of AFK penalty / leaver penalty otherwise people would dodge maps they didn’t like (which they currently do anyway by abusing reserve spawns). I’d rather a system akin to League where your first game dodged in [x] games is free but after that you have a scaling punishment.

The you loose thousands of players, most of which are the biggest payers (like me)
War thunder random matches are NOT ranked competitive, i don’t want to be forced

it would literally make the game much more bearable to non-bot users

the crewlock system doesnt not work as intended, it punishes people that die early or dont want to continue spawning vehicles in a lost game (it costs SL)

This is less of an issue with dynamic repairs. Once yes a very large issue. Gaijin fixed that which is why I will take full lineups when possible. The unfortunate problem is certain maps are simply pointless to continue playing on and I don’t wanna sit 30 seconds waiting to die to someone when I can be in another game making progress.