Universeller Sfl. (e) mit Panzerfaust und Panzerschreck

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I would like to suggest this German captured Universal Carrier armed with both Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck AT rockets. This would act in game like a modern small AT Rocket vehicle such as the M113A1 (TOW) or the UDES 33, just with 2 free standing solders one with Panzerfaust and the other with Panzerschreck and to avoid ammo waste, considdering the relatively small ammo pool, a Mg 34 or Mg 42 in the front MG position armed with a full tracerless S.m.K.H Belt, like MG and other troups got for Self defence against armored vehicles.

This could be a fun Premium or event vehicle of the lower ranks.

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It doesnt really have a history beyond that after the fall of France lots of different war material such as trucks, cars, tanks and guns fell into german hands. Generally vehicles of all kinds for a multiture of rolles were needed and as such these were often pressed into as is or with some modification for a new role. With the base Universal Carrier beeing a standardization over previous Carrieres.
The vehicle was also captured in greater numbers and used for a multiture of uses, from its original purpose as troop carrier, ammo carrier as well as equipped with a bunch of different guns such as Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck, 2 cm Flaks, 3,7 cm Pak, 4,7 cm Pak and the 2,5 cm Pak 112(f).

Generally small, light armored and mobile it will offer a mobile playstile, to get into ideal positions fast and destroy attacking enemies with the rather low velocity weapon, but with high penetration and damage.

The Vehicle:
Weight Loaded: 3.75 ton
Weight unloaded: 3.19 t
Length: 3.65 m
Width: 2.06 m
Height: 1.57 m
Crew: 3
Engine: 3.9-litre Ford V8 petrol
Eigne Power: 85 hp at 3,500 rpm
Suspension: Horstmann
Fuel capacity: 91 L
Operational range: 250 km
Maximum speed: 48 km/h
Armour: 7–10 mm

The Armarment:
1x Mg 34/42 7,92mm
To fight against light targets and spare Rocket ammo with full (tracerless to not give away your position) S.m.K H ammo with 20mm/10m and 19mm/100m penetration.(By gaijins calculator and British Source)

S.m.K.H (Click to show)


The Panzerfaust 100:

Heat-FS 6,8 kg wieght, 190-200g propellant, 150mm Warhead, 60 m/s velocity 100m effecitve range, 200mm/30° penetration.

8,8 cm Panzerschreck:

Heat-FS 2,6kg weight 50g Propellant, 88mm wahead with 457g H.5 (776,9g TnTa), 110 m/s velocity, 250m effective range, 160mm/30°


Handbook of enemy Ammunition No.5
Munition der Panzerfaust
Munition der Panzerschreck
Universal Carriers Volume 1: Dragon – Armoured MG – Cavalry – Scout – AOP – Bren – Lloyd – Universal
The Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II: The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,500 Weapons Systems, Including Tanks, Small Arms, Warplanes, Artillery, Ships and Submarines


Technically speaking, while the Panzerfaust is pretty much limited to what you can see, the ammo for the Panzerschreck is seperatly stored and by that could have more than enove rounds on the vehicle.

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Always nice Finds.

Is that Ontos Grandpa?

Yes YES YES to all viable bren carrier patterns

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This is cool and could be very fun and effective, but how would the Panzerfaust be implimented?

How do you mean? Recoilless guns/rocket launchers are already in the game. Or did you mean something else?

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As in, how would they be used in game? Would a crew member be sitting up and aiming them? Since they are not mounted on the vehicle.

Yes, just like UDES 33, just without a connector.

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Hm, okay. Perhaps instead of always being exposed, the crew could be sitting low in the carrier, and could prepare to fire with a toggle key.

Aparently there were at least 3 and some more Pics:(Click to show)