United Minor Nations Tech Tree

The nations of the world, great and small, are not all content to hold their breath awaiting the outbreak of another global conflict. From the major powers on the brink of civil war to many nations formed and transformed by the great conflicts throughout their histories, all will have to make difficult decisions and find their places in the ever changing world.
-Edited from the excerpt of Heart Of Iron 4 quote on Other Countries

As the topic suggests, this option presents the new and unique tree for the vehicles from nations outside the current tech trees. This idea came to be after discussing the possibility of having Thailand presented as a sub-nation tree for Japanese tree which later caused some players concerns regarding the inclusion of Chinese-exported vehicles utilized by post-2nd World War Thailand under the Thai-sub tree under Japanese. Therefore, to elevate this concern, I propose the creation of the unified tech tree for the nations that’s not currently presented on War Thunder; The United Minor Nations Tech Tree.

Potential Sub Trees under The United Minor Nations Tech Tree:

  • South Korea

    The Azure Nation of South Korea has its fair share of unique post-second world war design tanks and planes. As one of the regional powers of Asia, South Korea is one of the most successful exporters of Weapons and war machines, from small arms to frigates.
    Notable Items: K-1 MBT, K-2 MBT, KAI T-50, KAI KT-1

  • Thailand
    Kingdom of Thailand, previously known as Siam, was one of the major power in the pacific theater during the 2nd World War, allying itself with Japan and later defecting to Allied forces. During the period of the second world war, Thailand boasted one of the largest air forces among the South East Asian states, with more than 200 aircrafts locally produced and several more procured throughout the war. As the dawn of the cold war began, Thailand became one of the major strategic partners to United States and the nations of the free world, hosting the headquarter of SEATO and becoming the hodgepodge of United States and its allies’ equipment.
    Notable Items: RTA M60A3 TIFCS, F-5TH Super Tigris, Prajadhipok (Fighter), Boripatra (Bomber), DTI Sea Tiger, DTI Black Widow Spider.

  • Yugoslavia

    “To Joseph Stalin: Stop sending people to kill me. We’ve already captured five of them, one of them with a bomb and another with a rifle… If you don’t stop sending killers, I’ll send a very fast working one to Moscow and I certainly won’t have to send another.” If that quote by Josip Broz “Tito” can’t show you how defiant and strong Yugoslavia, as well as its successors, have been throughout its history, I don’t know what else. Throughout its history, Yugoslavia has given the world several unique designs and vehicles, from ground to air. Even today, its legacy still lives on in many modern aircrafts, many of which are still being used by several nations all around the world.
    Notable items: Soko J-20 Kraguj, Soko J-20 Kraguj, Soko J-22 Orao, M-84 tank, OT M-60, BVP M-80.

  • Turkey.

    The heir of Ottoman Empire, Republic of Turkey has been a powerful regional power since its inception. Modernly known for its Bayraktar drone, Turkey has quite a strong and unique military industrial complex, from small arms to tanks, drones to planes.
    Notable Items: Bayraktar drone, Altay, M60 Sabra.

The list can go on and on, the world is vast and potential is unlimited. While some nations may have had their conflicts with each other in the past, I do believe that the main goal and premise of this tech tree is to have fun and getting the representation they deserve so much. The world is the stage, and the show can’t go on without the supporting cast.

Yugoslavia and its successor states have enough original and modified vehicles to fill entire tech trees, and in fact have more than some already in game.

Currently, War Thunder features 10 playable nations, and we have no intentions of stopping there!

This is why the ‘International Tech Tree’ is difficult. Problems arise when new countries are implemented and fall out of the existing mixed tree.

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