Unfair BRs

The BR of some vehicles in Chinese tech tree seems to be messed up.

  1. I noticed that J-7D for China and MiG-21bis Lazur-M for Germany are pretty similar to each other. However the German MiG-21bis could carry 6 all-aspect R60Mk while Chinese J-7D could only carry 4 rear-aspect PL-5B. The German one has a more powerful (around 8%) engine on afterburner. And they are both MiG-21bis varieties. I wonder why the Chinese J-7D is at 11.0 while the German MiG-21bis is at 10.7 in Arcade mode? I do not see how J-7D comes with a higher BR than the German one.
  2. For the helicopter part(realistic mode), the Chinese premium Z-19E is at 11.3 and is equipped with its best Air to Surface missile with a maximum range of 6km and a speed of 340m/s, however the American AH-64D is at the same BR equipped with its best Air to Surface missile with a maximum range of 8km and a speed of 475m/s, and, the Russian premium Ka-50 is at a even lower BR(11.0) with a better missile(maximum range of 10km and travels at 600m/s). I do not see how Z-19E comes with a same or higher BR than the other two.
    I wonder why?

I cant speak for arcade brs but the z19e gets 8 of the best anti air missiles on a heli. It is up because people use it to clear the skies much more often than fighting ground target. That means that the aams have a larger effect on its br than its agms

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  1. PL-5B is a really good missile having only 2.4 FOV which is almost same as the powerful Magic2 while having 780 Δv too. Meanwhile, if u want to dodge any types of R-60, one flare is enough.
  2. This thing with high BR because is has the BEST IRAAM in the game. I’m pretty sure It’s even better than the current R-73 and AIM-9M at the top Air battles.Having such good AAM, your job is not to take out tanks, It’s the planes that u have to hunt for. So plz don’t whine to lower BR of this thing just because u want it to be perfect.

Thank you for your answer, I have only used it against air targets once in realistic mode, I did feel that thing being good against planes.

Rear-aspect PL-5’s are better overall missiles than all-aspect R-60MK’s.

TY-90’s, they’re the best overall heli AAM in the game at the moment. The AIM-9M is better 1 to 1, but helis can only carry 2. The Z-19E with 8 TY90s is much more powerful overall.

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I have completed both Germany’s and China’s air tech tree and own Russian MiG-23ML too, I have used R60Ms and PL-5Bs. Personally I feel it is easier to kill with all-aspects R60Ms cuz arcade battles are generally a mess and using PL-5B requires additional time and maneuvers to catch the best launch window while it is easy to get surprise attacked by someone you’re not paying attention to. But I get your point, PL-5B is way faster and it has better chaff flare countermeasure. Considering pros and cons between these two jets, I’d think they should be in the same BR for both arcade and realistic.