Unfair BR

can someone please tell me why the SUB-I-II anti air (japan) is only on 5.3??
that`s unfair.
That thing got developed 1967 and is fighting against mid ww2 tanks and planes.

Year means nothing as this is WT and so real life situations are completely different.

But yes, this and some of the RU SPAA at this BR zone could go up with little challenge. Remember the gunner is very very exposed however.

Also there is no 5.3 so unless being used as the top BR of a lower lineup it will be in higher BR setups anyhow.

I did mention this last BR review but did not get a huge amount of traction.

Only issue I see is that if people dislike CAS then raising some SPAA might be seen as a nerf to anti-air capabilities.


For the same reason the:

BTR-152A [(1951) BR 2.7],
BTR-ZD “Skrezhet” [(1984) BR 5.7],
ZSD63 [(1990) BR 4.7],
R3 T20 [(1980-1990s) BR 5.7]
and many others sit so low despite being Cold War/ “Modern” vehicles.

They’re shit against jets and armored vehicles from their respective era.